Food Allergies in America | Triumph Dining

images (1)Statistics say that 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies. Food allergies of course differ in severity from person to person but many are potentially life-threatening. As many as 6 million of these allergy sufferers are children and every 3 minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency department.

We don’t currently have a cure for food allergies. Accidents happen and sometimes even the tinniest amount of food can result in tragic consequences for some allergy sufferers. Continue reading “Food Allergies in America | Triumph Dining”

Udi’s Launches in the UK | Triumph Dining

1240559_163899123807315_1052550354_aGluten-free folks here in the US are more than familiar with our friends at Udi’s. Now it’s the UK’s turn to try Udi’s goodies! Boulder Brands have launched their Udi’s bakery range in up to 800 Tesco stores this week.

Nineteen products are being introduced in the UK, including fresh sliced white and brown sandwich bread, bagels, breakfast bars and Udi’s new ancient grain crisps. The company plan to launch up to 50 more of their gluten-free products over the next year.

The $500m business revealed in May that it was planning to launch in the UK when they acquired Cheshire based gluten-free operation, Davies Bakery. Continue reading “Udi’s Launches in the UK | Triumph Dining”

Gluten-Free: University Edition | Triumph Dining

college-photo_16949._445x280-zmmAnyone with celiac disease faces a unique set of circumstances at the grocery store and at the table, but gluten-free college students have a few additional challenges to handle when it comes to choosing foods. A gluten-free friend of mine shared a few of the compromises she’s devised to combat tricky situations and enjoy her dining experiences on and off campus. Continue reading “Gluten-Free: University Edition | Triumph Dining”

Triumph Dining Cider Week | Angry Orchard Part II

winter-crisp-heroTriumph Dining had the pleasure of speaking with Dave Sipes, a cider maker at Angry Orchard. We love learning more about cider making and about Angry Orchard!

How does making cider differ from brewing beer?

Making cider is actually more like making wine than brewing beer. Hard cider is the result of apple juice that goes through a fermentation process. For Angry Orchard, we use a select blend of apples to create a balance of tannins, acidity and sugar in our hard ciders. Instead of using a yeast that imparts a flavorful character, we use a neutral wine yeast during the fermentation process that allows the apples to express themselves for a fruit-forward cider. We age some of our ciders on oak, including Crisp Apple and Traditional Dry and our Cider House Collection, to give the cider an additional layer of complexity.  Continue reading “Triumph Dining Cider Week | Angry Orchard Part II”