dang coconutAround 3:00pm I often crave a crunchy snack and it’s usually more about the crunch than the hunger. I note this because only certain snacks will satisfy. Fortunately I think I’ve found a new one to add to my approved list: Dang Foods Coconut Chips. These chips are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, cholesterol free and a good source of fiber. And most importantly, they offer a great crunch. I’d describe it as a little firmer than a potato chip.

The shape isn’t what you’d find in a standard potato chip either, it’s closer to a Frito or an uncooked egg noodle – long and thin. They are crisp pieces of toasted coconut. Typically I’d say I’m a moderate fan of coconut. These chips were good and the rest of my household agreed.

I think they would be good added to yogurt, trail mix, gluten-free granola or on top of ice cream. I can see more creative bakers figuring out how to use them to top donuts or fruit crisp recipes. My mind is already spinning back to the rustic gluten-free pie crust I made last Thanksgiving and wondering if I could incorporate these chips into that. Chocolate mousse pie with a gluten-free coconut oat, crust anyone?

After all this day dreaming though, I should note that my family and sat and ate them just as they were, right out of the bag, and we didn’t stop until they were gone. No added ingredients necessary. You can read the story about the Dang Family, how Dang Foods began and access their store locator here. There’s even a link to recipes if you can stop yourself from eating them long enough to cook with them.

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