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0000226_quackers-cheddar-cheese-crackers_300From the time kids can walk it seems like they want to feed themselves.  Usually that means small bite sized snacks that travel well.  There are these crispy circular pieces of cereal and a certain little goldfish shaped crackers that seem to go everywhere with children.

But those snacks that seem to be everywhere are not an option for kids who eat gluten free.  And kids who eat gluten free still need handy, fun, healthy snacks!  I so was excited for gluten free moms and kids everywhere when I discovered Gluten Free Kid’s Qwackers Cheddar Crackers.  These little yellow/orange duck shaped crackers had my kids laughing, quacking and snacking.  Together we polished off a small bag in a matter of minutes.

I haven’t actually eaten a goldfish cracker in some time but when I asked my kids they said they liked these better.  I think the taste is at least comparable and these seemed cruncher that I remember fish to be.  More like another square shaped cheddar cheese cracker but not as salty as I remember those being.  These didn’t have the taste or texture of other rice based crackers I’ve tried.  I liked the cheddar cheese flavor, texture and crunch.

Qwackers are gluten free, corn free and sugar free.  They are trans fat free and have no preservatives or artificial ingredients or colors.  They are processed in a dedicated gluten free and peanut free facility and come in ready to travel 1 oz. bags.  They are sold around the country in health food or specialty food shops.  You can search for a location near you or order a batch online.

This doesn’t solve the problem of exposing your gluten free kid to non-gf snacks at friend’s houses and school but at least it gives them a fun option of their own.  Are there other kids snacks you wish you could find gluten free?

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