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JES204LWho among us isn’t busy?! Between working out of three office locations or traveling for work, plus keeping up with the schedules of two kids, I’m always on the go.

My busy lifestyle and needing to follow a gluten-free diet means that I try to never leave home without food or a snack. Lately, my easy breakfast of choice is a yogurt parfait. Naybe it’s not so much of a parfait as it is yogurt with granola mixed in. I like yogurt just fine, but sometimes I need to add a little crunch. I know they sell those pre-packaged yogurt-and-granola concoctions all over the place, but I find that they often don’t have the granola ingredients listed on the package so I just end up making my own.

I start by buying the brands of gluten-free yogurt that my family and I prefer. To check on which brands are gluten-free, visit:

Granola can also be tricky because oats that are not certified as gluten-free may not be safe. I was excited to discover Jessica’s Natural Foods gluten-free granola in my local Whole Foods market. Jessica’s makes gluten-free granola from all-natural, high-quality ingredients. It’s handmade in small batches and contains ingredients like ground flax seed and coconut. It’s gluten-free certified and non-GMO verified. There are six flavors to choose from: Almond Cherry, Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Maple, Cherry & Berry, Pecan Almond and Motor City Crunch. Some have dried fruit, nuts and/or chocolate but I’m partial to Vanilla Maple.

This granola is only sold in a handful of states, so if it’s not sold near you, you can order it online from for a flat rate shipping fee of $5. If you order online, you also receive two free bags with the purchase of six, which makes the unit price of each bag less than it is in the store, including shipping.

Aside from eating granola with yogurt, there are recipes listed on Jessica’s site. I’ve used granola for apple crisp or just as a snack right out of the bag. What other ways do you incorporate gluten-free granola into your meals?

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