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rotiGrowing up, my friends and I liked this one pita place so much that we’d be the first ones there when it opened. We knew the servers by name and they knew our order. I still like Mediterranean food but once I went gluten free, it meant skipping the pita and certain other dishes I used to enjoy.

I have found a new love in Roti Mediterranean Grill. Not only do they offer fast, tasty Mediterranean food, but they also provide gluten-free pita bread. (It does contain honey, almond meal, yeast and egg whites, in case you have further restrictions).

When you arrive at Roti, you have the choice of a sandwich, rice plate or salad. From there you choose the main protein or topping: chicken, steak, salmon or vegetarian, all of which are gluten-free except the falafel. Along with your main dish, you can select from a variety of gluten-free sides or toppings such as red cabbage slaw, tomato and cucumbers, Spanish eggplant, feta, olives or sumac onions and a number of sauces. I usually opt for the salmon rice plate or salad. I’m sure you could get this all rolled into a gluten-free pita but I prefer mine served on the side.

When I start my order, I tell them that I need a gluten-free plate. You can hear that message go down the line and the server who takes my order, changes their gloves and assembles my order from a station on the back line. They know which offerings are gluten-free, but you can check for yourself before you go. All the sauces are in squeeze bottles, which should prevent cross contamination, and my gluten-free pita comes wrapped in foil, warm and fresh. (As always, there are no guarantees against cross contamination so please check with the location near you to learn more about their specific procedures.)

Right now, Roti only has locations in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York and Illinois, but they tell me they are growing like crazy. Based on the lines I’ve seen at lunch, I believe it. If you become a fan you can also download their app and earn points that can be redeemed on a future purchase.

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  1. I love this place! I discovered it in Washington D.C. I asked them if it will be coming to my home-state anytime soon.

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