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business travel postI’m on a plane as I type and considering the woman next to me, baby on her lap. A diaper bag is at her feet and she is working hard to keep the baby from bothering me. The woman is holding a cup of Cheerios and feeding them to the child one at a time. It’s rather sweet.

This scene makes me think that a celiac packing for a business trip isn’t much different than a parent packing for a trip with a child. Where will I pick up goldfish in LA for a parent is where do I pick up Udi’s crackers for a celiac? Where will I be able to go out to dinner without a fuss is the same for both of us. Will I get sick while away from home? Will the child get sick while away from home? Do I have safe snacks packed for the plane? Does the parent have suitable snacks packed for the plane?

Parents of children with celiac – how do you prepare for travel with your young? Has someone ever noticed you traveling with your child and feeding them gluten-free? Do they comment?

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