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edasThere’s something about the holidays that makes the inner grandmother come out in some people. Do you feel like you should have a dish of hard candies on display at home at all times? Maybe it’s the more frequent entertaining or maybe it’s because now is the time of year that people have dry throats and cough.

Regardless of the reason, I have my stash. And contrary to that stale, sticky pile of old candy you might have found at your grandmother’s house, my candy jar is full of sweet, sugar-free, gluten-free, individually wrapped hard candies in various colors and flavors made by Eda’s.

The candy comes in varieties including: Tropical Mix, Old Tyme Mix, Carnival Mix and Sour Mix but I’m partial to the flavors in the Mixed Fruit Bag. Eda’s has been manufacturing sugar-free hard candy since 1958. According to their website, their candy contains no sugar, no salt, no “net” carbs, no glutens, no fats and no aftertaste.

When I unwrapped the first one I was a little skeptical. The shape of it was reminiscent of those weird sugar-free hard candies that the dentist office used to have when we were kids, the ones with the strange taste. Eda’s hard candy, however, tastes great and has passed the taste test with a number of people of various ages visiting my home.  I trust it since it’s gluten-free and I like that it’s sugar free.


For now I keep it in a dish that used to belong to my grandmother.

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