Cider Veggies & Cinnamon Walnuts | Triumph Dining Holiday Week

SD6704If you’re looking for a gluten-free side dish that’s both sweet and savory, this simple recipe for Cider Glazed Roots with Cinnamon Walnuts could be something to try. As I’ve said before, sides, in my opinion, are the best part of a festive meal and I think this recipe from Kitchen Daily would go down really well with my family. It works as a great alternative to potatoes or yams if you fancy trying something a bit different.  Continue reading “Cider Veggies & Cinnamon Walnuts | Triumph Dining Holiday Week”

Festive Gluten Free Cocktails | Triumph Dining Holiday Week

coladaI’m generally a wine or hard cider drinker but when the festive season and family arrive, it’s fun to create tasty mixed drinks. My mom and I both like sweet, fruity cocktails the most and I plan to make and enjoy a few of these this Christmas.

Pina coladas are one of my favorite mixed drinks and I thought this recipe from Eating Well sounded like an interesting way to change things up a bit. This Passion Colada substitutes pineapple juice for passion fruit juice to give your colada a different kind of fruity kick. The best news – it takes all of five minutes to prepare. Continue reading “Festive Gluten Free Cocktails | Triumph Dining Holiday Week”

Gluten Free Gift Idea: Kitchen Scale | Triumph Dining Holiday Week

TimerScale_Jacob_JensenGluten-free bakers often find themselves weighing ingredients. It seems to be even more important in gluten-free baking than it is in traditional baking with wheat products.

The kitchen scale is a workhorse for many serious cooks and frankly, when one assumes a gluten-free lifestyle, they are forced into more serious cooking than they may have planned. Continue reading “Gluten Free Gift Idea: Kitchen Scale | Triumph Dining Holiday Week”

Cookie Exchange | Triumph Dining Holiday Week

Triumph Dining Holiday Week Cookie ExchangeCookies exchanges are no easy thing for people like us. What do you do if you, or anyone else in the exchange, has a dietary restriction? You try to find recipes that will work for everyone, that’s what.

Here are two no-flour, easy-to-bake cookie recipes. You can serve these to a mixed crowd and no one will even know they are gluten-free. Continue reading “Cookie Exchange | Triumph Dining Holiday Week”