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1355344857_1a069900a752This is the time of year when we reflect on our lives and vow to live healthier this year.  We start back up at the gym and look for ways to eat healthy.  Those of us who watch what we eat because of food sensitivities or allergies know that watching out for gluten doesn’t necessarily mean we always eat healthier.  Here are some healthy eating options that you might not have tried yet.

If you’re into organic produce you can get it delivered straight to your door from Door to Door Organics.  You can sign up for various sized boxes that include fruit and veggies in season in your area or ones from a wider geography.  You can customize the delivery schedule, choose the produce each time or accept what they choose for you.  I like this service over some others because I can also include additional items with my produce delivery like milk, cheese, meat, gluten-free bread and pasta or other pantry staples.  Anything that saves me a trip to the store is worth it!  I also find that avoiding the store means I only get items I really need and it cuts down on my spending because I avoid impulse buys.  Getting my produce this way introduces me to new fruits and veggies that I might not have selected on my own.  The site offers recipes, cooking and storage tips for the produce as well. 

Another service available is Plated.  This is an online service that will ship you everything you need to make a quick, simple, healthy meal (well almost everything, you provide the cookware and items like water, oil, salt, etc.).  Each week they feature seven chef-designed recipes on the menu: 4 meat/fish options and 3 vegetarian dishes.  Each meal clearly indicates the ingredients and whether the meal is gluten-free, diary-free, etc.  They currently deliver to 80% of the US.

What about snacking?  Love With Food will deliver snack boxes to your door.  For each box they sell, they will donate one meal to hungry children in America.  Snacks in the box are always organic, all natural, GMO-free and the box always contains gluten-free options. Note that they do not offer a 100% gluten free box as of this writing.

Happy new year!

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  1. The gluten free restaurant and dining guide were a great way to get us started. My son has learned the in’s and out’s, but finally I took the book to Goodwill, because we were caught up on all the local places and he uses his phone to look everything up.

    An App for your guide that would work on his phone would be practical right now. Maybe something already exist?

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