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skinny-cinnGluten-eaters seem to assume that gluten-avoiders miss out on baked goods like break, cakes and cookies. While I do miss those things at times, there are also a lot of them that I can easily live without.  The one item I miss, though, is good crackers.

Because I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for I’m always buying new products when I see them. And so I stumbled upon Skinny Crisps. These are low carb and gluten-free “crackers” that come in quite a few different flavors.

I say “crackers” because that’s what the are called on their website but I’d liken their chocolate flavor to more of a cookie. It reminds me of a chocolate sandwich cookie minus the filling. I started eating a bag of these and couldn’t put them down. This weekend I will crumble them and make pudding parfaits using the brownie crisps as one layer and the cinnamon ones (think cinnamon graham cracker) as another layer. I think they’d also work well for anything that needs a cookie or graham cracker crust.

In addition to the to the brownie crisps they also come in the following flavors: Plain Jane, Say Cheese, White Sesame, Whole Shebang, Seeded, Toasty Onion and Cinnamon Crisps. You can purchase all the flavors online or at stores like freshii and Whole Foods.

Skinny Crisps are made in a gluten-free facility with ingredients like ground almonds, chickpea flour, organic ground flax, psyllium, organic dehydrated cane juice and olive oil.

I’ve been eating all the flavors alone as a snack in between meals or with various spreads and cheeses.  The Toasty Onion and the Whole Shebang would be great to serve at a party with a dip as an alternative to bagel chips or tortilla chips. Each cracker is not large but they are sturdy and can hold a good scoop. Each bite ends in a satisfying crunch that is nothing like the rice-based crackers that were my only option when I first went gluten-free. These are a new staple in my pantry.

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