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freshiiI’ve been enjoying finding all the lunch options near my employer’s new location. I hit the gluten-free jackpot when I stopped in at freshii. Not only does the menu include a number of gluten-friendly salads, smoothies and bowls (brown rice or rice noodles) but they even toss each order in its own bag so you know the dressing from the previous salad won’t mix with yours.

The freshii I visit is downtown Chicago but they have a number of locations across the US and in six additional countries.

At the location near me you can choose a salad, rice noodle bowl or brown rice bowl with your choice of ingredients. They have wraps, too. Their traditional wraps are not gluten-free but in certain seasons they will wrap your meal in greens if that appeals to you. 

Order an item from their pre-defined menu or grab a clipboard at the door and check off the ingredients you’d like. I often look to their menu for inspiration. Visit their site to quickly determine which menu items are gluten-free. Their smoothies and juices look great too but I haven’t gotten a chance to sample many of those yet.

In addition to the menu there are pre-packaged snacks for sale, many of which are gluten-free. Watch for my reviews on quinoa clusters, a gluten-free bar and a new line of crackers.

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