vegetable-dumplingsEven at the restaurants that will prepare Asian dishes with gluten-free soy sauce and other gluten-free ingredients, the eggrolls and dumplings on their menu are usually not an option for most of us. Until now – well – at home at least.

Feel Good Foods makes gluten-free chicken dumplings and gluten free vegetable dumplings. These can be purchased from the frozen section of many retailers online from Gluten-Free Mall and cooked by you at home. 

Feel Good Foods is the brainchild of a couple who met while working at a restaurant together. He was the chef and she had Celiac disease and could never eat the food he prepared. Together they now run a company producing certified gluten-free foods which are also free of preservatives and artificial ingredients including MSG.

Each package contains eight dumplings and I can tell you that there were no leftovers from our family dinner. The chicken dumplings held together a little better than the vegetable ones due to the firmer stuffing.  We also liked the vegetable dumplings and used the included dipping sauce with both flavors.

The quality and flavor was what I would expect from traditional dumplings. The size, shape and texture were the same as well. It took me longer than the suggested 12-14 minutes to cook them. However, once I got them going, I was able to brown them as directed and they tasted great. Next time I may watch their instructional video before I start cooking.