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022413Pulled-Pork-SliderI’m certain that each of us has shown up at a party only to find out there’s nothing gluten free for us to eat. Here are some ideas for a totally gluten-free Superbowl party. Host it yourself or bring your own dish so you know there will be something there for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to bring your own cider or gluten-free beer.

  • Chicken wings: a staple at football parties. As long as you stay away from the breaded, pre-seasoned ones you’ll be fine. Instead, buy the wings yourself and make your own sauce. There are tons of gluten-free recipes online for sweet, tangy, spicy, bbq, teriyaki, or any other flavor you may want to try.
  • Pizza: buy gluten-free crusts in your local supermarket and make your own pizzas. No need to stick to the standard cheese and sauce this way, change it up. Make a fruit, taco or dessert pizza too.
  • Shredded meat: a big group is a great excuse to pull out the slow cooker. With a few chicken breasts, a pot roast or a pork shoulder and a few hours of time you can have great tasting shredded meat to serve on gluten-free buns, in corn tortilla shells or made into a nacho bar topping and served over tortilla chips. Or, tweak the ingredients and turn it into chili.
  • Mini sandwiches: no one will know the difference if you make subs on gluten-free baguettes. Make sure to choose gluten-free deli meats and toppings or change it up a little and make some with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese or some with grilled portabella mushrooms.
  • Spinach artichoke dip: the store made dips often have gluten-filled fillers in them so stay away. Instead, buy the ingredients and make your own dip. Serve it with cut up veggies or gluten-free tortilla chips.
  • Crispy sweet or spicy ‘nuts’: crispy baked chickpeas are a surprise to those who haven’t tasted them before and a healthier alternative to other crunchy salty snacks. For a sweet variation make your own candied nuts.

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