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Freshii | Triumph Dining Review

freshiiI’ve been enjoying finding all the lunch options near my employer’s new location. I hit the gluten-free jackpot when I stopped in at freshii. Not only does the menu include a number of gluten-friendly salads, smoothies and bowls (brown rice or rice noodles) but they even toss each order in its own bag so you know the dressing from the previous salad won’t mix with yours.

The freshii I visit is downtown Chicago but they have a number of locations across the US and in six additional countries.

At the location near me you can choose a salad, rice noodle bowl or brown rice bowl with your choice of ingredients. They have wraps, too. Their traditional wraps are not gluten-free but in certain seasons they will wrap your meal in greens if that appeals to you.  Click to continue reading »

Peace Love & Crumble Muffins | Triumph Dining Product Review

peacelovecrumbleDo you find breakfast or brunch as challenging? I really love eggs and omelets and can usually subside on those, or my previously blogged about yogurt and granola mainstay  but on weekend mornings with the family I get a little bored with the usual standbys.

This morning I decided to give Ginny Bakes “Peace, love & crumble muffins” a try. I had all the ingredients that the mix called for on hand: 1 egg, butter, Greek yogurt, vanilla and muffin tins. The mix directions were straight forward and the muffins only needed about 25 minutes to bake so they were easy to pull together on a wintery Sunday. Click to continue reading »

Skinny Crisps | Triumph Dining Product Review

skinny-cinnGluten-eaters seem to assume that gluten-avoiders miss out on baked goods like break, cakes and cookies. While I do miss those things at times, there are also a lot of them that I can easily live without.  The one item I miss, though, is good crackers.

Because I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for I’m always buying new products when I see them. And so I stumbled upon Skinny Crisps. These are low carb and gluten-free “crackers” that come in quite a few different flavors.

I say “crackers” because that’s what the are called on their website but I’d liken their chocolate flavor to more of a cookie. It reminds me of a chocolate sandwich cookie minus the filling. I started eating a bag of these and couldn’t put them down. This weekend I will crumble them and make pudding parfaits using the brownie crisps as one layer and the cinnamon ones (think cinnamon graham cracker) as another layer. I think they’d also work well for anything that needs a cookie or graham cracker crust. Click to continue reading »

New Year’s Resolutions, Gluten-Free Style | Triumph Dining

1355344857_1a069900a752This is the time of year when we reflect on our lives and vow to live healthier this year.  We start back up at the gym and look for ways to eat healthy.  Those of us who watch what we eat because of food sensitivities or allergies know that watching out for gluten doesn’t necessarily mean we always eat healthier.  Here are some healthy eating options that you might not have tried yet.

If you’re into organic produce you can get it delivered straight to your door from Door to Door Organics.  You can sign up for various sized boxes that include fruit and veggies in season in your area or ones from a wider geography.  You can customize the delivery schedule, choose the produce each time or accept what they choose for you.  I like this service over some others because I can also include additional items with my produce delivery like milk, cheese, meat, gluten-free bread and pasta or other pantry staples.  Anything that saves me a trip to the store is worth it!  I also find that avoiding the store means I only get items I really need and it cuts down on my spending because I avoid impulse buys.  Getting my produce this way introduces me to new fruits and veggies that I might not have selected on my own.  The site offers recipes, cooking and storage tips for the produce as well.  Click to continue reading »

Gluten-Free Skincare Products | Triumph Dining

images (3)Skin hypersensitivity is just one of the side effects of a gluten intolerance or allergy. Fortunately it’s getting easier to find gluten-free skincare products. Manufacturers are now calling out their products as gluten-free and retail consolidators often have information about which of the products they carry are gluten-free. (Thank you Sephora!)

Doing some research on chemical ingredient names of soy and gluten made us realize how many skincare products contain hidden soy and gluten derivatives. Click to continue reading »