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51This year Valentine’s Day will be a family affair. I’ve been looking for creative menu ideas to celebrate at home with the kids and these are the ideas I’ve come up with. We’ll have pink and red heart shaped theme for each meal of the day. Nothing complicated, just fun and gluten free.


–        Pink scrambled eggs

–        Heart shaped toast or French toast

–        Pink yogurt or pink smoothies

–        Heart shaped ‘toad in a hole

–        Apple or kiwi slices cut into hearts


–        Sandwiches cut into hearts, get fancy and let some of the insides show through like this

–        Heart shaped cheese slices on crackers

–        Heart shaped fruit kabobs

–        Homemade baked heart shaped tortilla chips


–        Heart shaped meatloaf, top with ketchup and it’s even the right color

–        Heart shaped roasted potato slices

–        Make your own pasta and cut into heart shapes to make ravioli

–        Heart shaped garlic bread

–        Heart shaped pizza. I used kitchen shears to cut a grocery store crust to the right shape. Top with sauce, heart shaped cheese slices or heart shaped veggies or pepperoni.

–        Veggies cut into hearts: bell pepper slices, cucumber slices, carrot slices, etc.

–        Rice, quinoa or polenta molded into hearts served as a side or with pasta sauce


There’s no shortage of dessert recipes for Valentine’s Day but I plan to keep it simple by making gluten-free crispy rice treats cut into heart shapes.

Are you making something clever that’s not on this list? Please share!

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