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dunkinLast June, celiacs and gluten-free eaters rejoiced as Dunkin’ Donuts rolled out a big campaign to announce that they would soon be adding two GF items, a cinnamon sugar donut and a blueberry muffin, to their menus nationwide. Nearly six months later, DD is quietly canceling those plans and scrapping the idea as a whole. 

Though not particularly healthy items at 320 and 400 calories respectively, it seems everyone was excited for the release, including DD Brands Chief Executive Nigel Travis who back in 2013 stated, “I think the difficult part of it is you have to make it in a [dedicated] gluten-free certified facility. You have to [individually] wrap the product. We’re kind of excited about it. I think it tastes pretty good.”

Dunkin hasn’t given a reason for shelving these two goodies which were certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. In a statement released by DD, they stated, “We are currently assessing the results of this test, as well as feedback from our guests and franchisees, and we do not have plans to launch these products nationally at this time. We are continuing to develop additional gluten-free products for future tests, and we remain committed to exploring ways to offer our guests gluten-free choices.”

For now, gluten avoiders will have to settle for the drinks Dunkin offers and hope a new product comes along sooner than later.

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  1. My best guess is that the franchisees would not commit to carrying the GF items in enough locations to make it worth DD’s efforts to promote them in advertising. Individual stores have the power to set prices for coffee, as well as to ignore promotions if they chose, so this comes as no surprise to me. When the Red Cross gave vouchers for a free pound of DD coffee if people donated blood, a few franchisees refused to honor them. This is how they operate, and if you want to hear about it from the customer’s viewpoint, read the comments on DD’s Facebook page. Some of us had been asking about the GF roll out and were told to call their customer service line….where the reps had NO information and were not prepared for this kind of question. That told me everything I needed to know about DD’s abandonment of a promised product line.

  2. As a DD customer who lives in the test area which was MA,CT and South FL, I am not surprised these were pulled. The products were 1) way too expensive $3-$4 each; 2) the texture was dry and crumbly prepared from rice flour, sugar and little else, 3) many outlets had them frozen, defrosted and refrozen so that made them even worse. My feeling is that DD wanted an extremely low price point so it would be profitable- and you get what you pay for. On the good side they were individually wrapped- but I can’t think of anything else good to say.Those of you who feel bad that you missed out on this, don’t. You didn’t miss anything, The one who should feel badly is the DD owner from Miami Fl who went to the company on behalf of his 6 year old celiac son, who begged his Daddy to get DD to make something he could eat. That’s who this whole thing started. Now they can say they tried, no one bought them, so why bother? Of course we didn’t buy them after the first one!!! Gluten free donuts and muffins can be made extremely well at home with the right ingredients, and it’s not difficult. If DD wanted to do this right, they would have- right from the beginning. Now I bring my own snack and if they don’t like it- tough. By the way, Starbucks is no better- their gf products didn’t succeed either.

  3. Processed foods of all types are poison anyway…. the GF community is better off. Even though I have celiac and avoid even a crumb of gluten, there are other grains and ingredients that make me feel ill as well. Im sure this may appeal to some who eat GF for “health” rather than sensitivity to it – but those folks would likely only indulge in something like this periodically. In other words, we really arent their target market…

  4. I’m thinking DD has done us all a favor. There has been such a proliferation of gluten free junk food recently. Used to be I could persuade my daughter to have a banana if we were out and she wanted a snack. Now there are high glycemic GF snacks all over the place. What I would really like to see is places were we can find reliably GF nutritious food – salads without fear of cross-contamination, soups without barley or wheat to thicken them. Given the links between celiac and diabetes, I for one am grateful DD pulled these items.

  5. I would suggest any people who are gluten free get any drinks from DD either. There is so much gluten in the air! Anytime I got a coffee drink from DD I felt sick and finally it clicked that that was why.

  6. I wouldn’t suggest any people who are gluten free get any drinks from DD either. There is so much gluten in the air! Anytime I got a coffee drink from DD I felt sick and finally it clicked that that was why.

  7. Tim Horton’s Cafe & Bakery ( US & Canada) offers a very tasty, gluten-free chocolate macaroon cookie. They come 2 to a package, wrapped separately. They have carried this for over a year now.

  8. This is a huge dissapointment to me. My 93 year old Grandmother insists on stopping a DD and get a dozen dougnts that I can’t eat and sit around for a week where I know there there and am heartbroken I can never have one again. I am aware that it would not have been a health food and that’s not the point. Once in awhile, as an adult, it would have been nice to induldge in a DD if I so choose.

  9. Shame on you, Dunkin Donuts! Build up the hopes of people with Celiac, their families and then just drop the plans!! No wonder your workers in the stores had no idea what I was talking about when I would ask when these GF products were coming out. So, basically, you chose not to spend the extra money to secure a dedicated facility or line, not caring if you cannot serve your customers with Celiac or who have gluten and wheat allergies.
    A new Dunkin Donuts just opened 2 mikes from our home in Tarpon Springs and you can be sure, it has seen the last of me!!

  10. What a bummer. My kids were so looking forward to being “the same” as their gluten eating friends who go to dunkin donuts on their way to school in the morning or after school for a quick snack. I realize this was not going to be the ideal “healthy” snack but it was certainly a way for them to fit in. How disappointing for the company to abandon what could have been a great niche market.

  11. My guess is they trialed it on a sample market and it didn’t go over well. It doesn’t affect me either way, but I know a lot of people were excited to try it.

  12. I wish there were moré gluten free places to eat in the East Coast, near DC. My daughter, her 12 year-old son and I have Celiac Disease and it Is very difficult to find a safe restaurant to eat. especially the southern part of Maryland
    If anyone knows of some good ones please let us know.

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