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GARDEIN MEATLESS PRODUCTSWhile Dunkin’ Donuts is pulling gluten-free items from their menu, Gardein, the award-winning maker of meatless foods such as Chick’n and Turk’y is introducing a new line of GF items which will include Beefless Ground, Veggie Burger and a Black Bean Burger.         

These three items are meatless, free of gluten and are made with non-GMO soy, pea proteins and veggies.

At 84% less fat than regular ground beef, Beefless Ground is a healthy and easy substitute for recipes that require ground beef such as tacos, chili, meatballs and pasta bolognese. The veggie and black bean burger are great low fat substitutes for a beef patty and all three options are a great source of vitamin A, fiber and protein.

Yves Potvin, founder of Gardein, tells us, “We take great pride in offering a variety of great tasting, meatless foods. As so many consumers move to a gluten-free lifestyle, it was a natural next step to develop these products and fulfill an important market need. The taste, texture, versatility and health benefits of all three are unparalleled in the marketplace.

According to, a Gardein spokesperson has stated that the expansion was prompted by consumer demand for GF items. “The market has reached $4.2B in sales, with a projected increase to $6.6B by 2017. While there is an increase in individuals with gluten allergies, over 30% of adults are cutting back or avoiding gluten for health benefits as opposed to medical necessity.”

The Beefless Ground is currently available in stores across the US, but we’ll have to wait until April 2014 to see the veggie and black bean burgers.

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  1. Thought this was great news until I went to their website and saw that they process the food in a plant that also processes wheat. What a shame.

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