United Airlines Expanding its in-air Gluten-Free Offerings

United_AirlinesUnited Airlines has been bitten with the gluten-free bug and is planning to elevate the flying experience for celiacs by expanding its food options for premium and economy cabin travelers.

Starting in summer, the airline will debut their new GF meal options for those in premium cabins on long, international flights. These will be prepared in conjunction with the new FDA ruling of less than 20ppm. Summer can’t get here soon enough, but economy flyers won’t have to wait as long since starting next month, United will change over their salad dressing to one that is gluten-free. This will be the second menu option for GF eaters as United currently offers a gluten-free soup.

Also getting an overhaul this spring is United’s Savory snack box, which currently contains Biscotti. It will be remade into a gluten-free box of sweet, salty and savory options for the hungry traveler.

Traveling in the morning? Greek yogurt will be offered with breakfast meals in the airline’s premium cabins on North and Central America flights.

Question for readers: will you trust these choices or BYO?

11 thoughts on “United Airlines Expanding its in-air Gluten-Free Offerings”

  1. When flying, I always bring an emergency stash of gluten-free food. At 35,000 ft., apologies about giving away your tray to someone else just doesn’t correct the situation. However, it is encouraging to learn that efforts are being made to provide more and reliable g-f choices!

  2. International flights by other carriers, especially those based in SE Asia, south Asia, have been able to provide GF food to anyone for quite a while. If foreign-owned carriers can do it……

  3. Though I don’t fly often, I’M THANKFUL TO SEE UNITED CARES. The sweet/salty option would make me still pack food due to children with peanut allergies. Getting sick is not fun, but death is not something to chance. Also, most GF people are unable to tolerate dairy. Perhaps boiled eggs? Gets complicated, I know. Will remember to look to United since they’ve even considered those of us who always have to deal with this.

  4. I always bring my own food. Flights get changed but the request for gluten free doesn’t follow the change. This happened to me on an international flight and I didn’t have an actual meal for 24 hours. Flight attendants did find me some fruit.

  5. So the poor peons in the regular seats better bring their own food; it doesn’t sound like any of the airlines really care about doing this the right way.
    Not everyone who flies can afford these premium fares and the airlines need
    to make note of the fact that everyone counts. Not everyone can eat nuts, and
    other snack items which do not constitute a meal and may contain too much salt for many people. Greek yogurt only for the premium seats? Sorry ,I will continue to bring my own food!

  6. I’m a pilot for one of our nation’s largest airline and I am out on medical right now because of not being able safely eat while doing my job. Being away from home for 4 to 6 days at time for 2/3 of the month has proven very difficult for my level of sensitivity. There is just only so much healthy food that I can pack into a small cooler that will cover three complete meals all the while living out of a suitcase without having access to a microwave. Then there is the ‘go to’ food for pilots, 9 times out of 10 is a sandwich that is eaten on the flight deck because we usually don’t have the time in-between flights to sit down and eat if there isn’t a crew meal provided. I guess my point is, kind of wish I worked for United right about now.

  7. I’m a frequent United customer and am very glad to see this effort being made by United. Thank you for thinking of your customers needs!

  8. I had enough United points last year to buy a round trip ticket to Europe, but I chose to use it on a partner airline instead (Lufthansa), partly due to their gluten free meal options. The food was excellent and I was served first with others who had special diets. So glad United will finally offer gf options, as I fly with them most often.

  9. Be sure to notify the stewardess that you are the gluten-free passenger. On our last TransAtlantic flight, my gluten-free dinner was served to someone else! The Steward put together a fruit&fresh vegetable&cheese plate that was enough to stave off starvation!

  10. Yes, identify yourself quickly as gf comes out early. Lost my meal again on way to Italy as family with kids near me said they ordered special foodto get something different. Flight attendant admitted to then not double checking seat number. Gave me FF flyer miles but that doesn’t help hunger! Always bring snacks. They think rice cakes can fill us up.

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