Airport Food Safety for Gluten-Free Diners | Triumph Dining

ForAirports2-730x440In the midst of Spring Break and convention season, airports become an unavoidable obstacle for many gluten-free eaters. Even with the advancements that airlines are making, airports have always been a hub for food that comes in a wrap, between slices of bread or with another form of the looming danger of cross contamination. Continue reading “Airport Food Safety for Gluten-Free Diners | Triumph Dining”

Best of Gluten Free Awards 2014 | Triumph Dining

Bestof-GF-Award-Logo-2014Which gluten-free breakfast cereal makes your morning complete? Who makes those gluten-free cookies you couldn’t live without?

It’s that time of year again where we give you the chance to vote for the gluten-free products you love most. North America’s first and largest gluten-free recognition program – The Best of Gluten-Free Awards, are back for the fourth consecutive year.

This year we have 17 fantastic categories ranging from “Best Gluten-Free Bread” to “Best Gluten-Free Beer”. More than 10,000 of you voted in last year’s awards and we’re hoping for an even bigger turn out this time round. Continue reading “Best of Gluten Free Awards 2014 | Triumph Dining”

Udi’s Soft Baked Cookies | Triumph Dining Product Review

UDIs-Gluten-Free-Soft-Baked-Cookies-Maple-Pecan-Chocolate-Chip-698997807551We’ve all been there before: wandering down the gluten-free aisle of the grocery store and face-to-face with a shiny new package of cookies that promises to be the best you’ve ever had. Then you get home, rip into the bag, only to discover that these packaged cookies are crumbly, hard and disgusting.

Luckily, Udi’s Gluten-Free has introduced three new soft baked shelf-stable cookies into their product line: Peanut Butter Coconut, Sea Salt Caramel Cashew and Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip. These cookies are sweet, salty and crunchy, and are all made with non-GMO cereal grains.

If you’re a fan of freshly baked cookies you will be a fan of these. From the smell that escapes the package right when you open it, to the buttery, sweet and salty bites, these cookies are a new favorite GF treat. If you still have your nose up in the air and won’t settle for anything less than “fresh baked,” try throwing one of these bad boys in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and then tell us you still don’t love it. Continue reading “Udi’s Soft Baked Cookies | Triumph Dining Product Review”

Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack | Triumph Dining Product Review

IMG_0620Being a gluten-free adult can be hard. I became gluten-free as an adult and so I think being a gluten -free kid must be that much harder, equally so to be the parent of a gluten-free kid.

Gluten-free kids don’t get to live on the staples that other moms give their kids. Those cereals and crackers and snacks just aren’t an option. I previously did a post on Qwackers. They taste great and I thought they were a fun option to help kids feel like they were getting a special kid snack, like the other kids.

There’s another product on the market that I like for similar reasons: Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack by Good Boy Organics. Continue reading “Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack | Triumph Dining Product Review”