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IMG_2974Have you ever received a Cookies by Design bouquet? They are staple gifts in our family and we’ve used them as centerpieces for Thanksgiving dinners, baby showers and birthday parties. And, to be honest, we’ve actually just gone into the store and bought some to eat, too, as they’re that tasty.

Now these cookie bouquets are available gluten-free! The official Triumph Dining taste testers compared gluten-filled to gluten-free and we are pleased to let you know that while the cookies don’t taste exactly the same, the gluten-free ones are very good.

Take a look at the bouquet options and then consider your flavor choices: sugar, chocolate ship, white chocolate macadamia nuts and “millionaire”. What we like best about these cookies is the look – they come in hundreds of shapes and are beautifully decorated and can be personalized. 

These cookies are manufactured in Cookies by Design’s corporate offices and then shipped to individual stores. The cookies are lab tested and contain 9-12 parts per million of gluten, depending on the cookie.

3 thoughts on “Cookies by Design | Triumph Dining”

  1. They all either have milk/dairy or almonds in them. That’s kind of a bummer because I was really hopeful it would be “me” safe. Well they look nice at least. Maybe in the future they’ll make it slightly more allergen friendly.

  2. I am lactose intolerant and was wondering if any of your cookies where made without milk or milk by products. I love your cookies and was hoping at some point you could help us lactose intolerant folks to also enjoy your cookies! Thanks, Diane Byrne

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