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images-2I just got a new blender and as much as I’d love to make a smoothie before I head out the door for work each morning, it’s not going to happen. The mere act of pulling out the blender and all its components in the morning is more than most of us have time to do.

Now, instead of grabbing my standard yogurt and granola as I head out the door there’s a new option –grabbing a Rush Bowl.

Rush Bowls are individually packaged cups of frozen, blended fruit with a packet of gluten-free Udi’s granola included on the side. They manufacturer doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives and the bowls are non-GMO. Flavors include options that are vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free and certified gluten-free. They come in three sizes: 12 oz meals, 4 oz snacks or 4 oz naked (without granola) in a variety of fruit blends.

I think of this product for breakfast but it doesn’t have to be eaten at that time of day. Rush Bowls are frozen and have instructions on the package for letting it thaw before eating or warming it up slightly in the microwave. In the morning if I toss a bowl in my bag then head to work it’s perfect by the time I get to the office and am ready to eat. If I want a snack at home that will appease my ice cream craving, I’ve followed the microwave directions for a more immediate fix.  The kids like them as after school snacks also, with and without the granola.

Purchase Rush Bowls at your local supermarket, online at or visit them live at their Boulder, Colorado store.

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