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Triumph Dining Review of Quinn PopcornPopcorn is a popular snack in our house whether it’s popped, in kernels, microwaved or traditional. We try to stay away from the popped and unhealthy varieties in the store and also limit the amount of microwave popcorn we eat.

Quinn Popcorn was developed by two parents who set out to create a microwave popcorn that anyone could feel good about eating. First they transformed the bag. They got rid of the chemical coatings and left a bag made only of paper that can be composted when you’re done.

Next they filled those compostable bags with organic non-GMO popcorn and expeller-pressed oils, which are high in omega-3’s and other organic flavoring ingredients. Popped and microwave flavors include: parmesan & rosemary; maple & sea salt; butter & sea salt; hickory smoked cheddar; olive oil & herbs; lemon & sea salt and just sea salt.

Each box of unpopped microwave popcorn has 2 bags of popcorn, 2 bags of oil and 2 bags of seasonings.  After popping the corn in the microwave you pour on the oil then shake on the seasoning. We liked the slight kick of the hickory smoke cheddar and loved the sweet and salty of the maple & sea salt flavor.

A couple of flavors come already popped. These flavors each have a batch number stamped on the bag. You can go online, enter the batch number from your bag and learn exactly how your popcorn was made and where each ingredient came from. This is Quinn’s way of showing complete transparency, they call it “farm-to-bag.”

Search for a store near you that carries Quinn Popcorn or order it online right from their site. Any order over $29 ships for free. You can even order a company t-shirt or baseball hat while you’re there.

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