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Triumph Dining would like to thank everyone who voted in this year’s Best of Gluten-Free Awards. Here are the winners in categories 13-17 – congrats to everyone! 

Best Gluten Free Beer

– Omission


Best Gluten Free Menu (at a chain restaurant)

– Chipotle


Best Gluten Free Magazine

– Living Without


Best Gluten Free Nut Butter

– Justin’s


Best Gluten Free Cider

– Angry Orchard


We would love to hear your thoughts on this year’s awards and on the nominees and winners. Did we forget your favorite company? Do you agree with the winners? None of this would be possible without you so please let us know what you think!

16 thoughts on “Best of Gluten Free Awards (cont’d) | Triumph Dining”

  1. I’m surprised that Omission beer made it to this list given all the controversy over the likely harmful content of “gluten-removed” beers. Myself, I was pleased and excited back in 2011 when Estrella Daura became available in my area. It came with a hang tag that proclaimed “gluten free”. And it tasted like real beer. And it gave me absolutely none of the usual symptoms of getting glutened. But after a few months I felt as if there was something amiss. Low level celiac symptoms like joint aches and skin problems were rearing their ugly heads. The only thing I could blame was the “deglutenized” beer so I stopped drinking it. Took about six weeks but things got better again. Ever hopeful, and really missing real beer, in the intervening three years I have tried Daura a couple more times. Each time. after a month or so of a few bottles a week I started having symptoms again. When Omission and Prairie Path (from Two Brothers) came out I gave them a try, with exactly the same results. Earlier this year, when Omission was awarded the Celiac Sprue Association Recognition Seal I went for it again. Sadly, it just doesn’t work for me. Being it does not cause me any immediate problems I will allow myself an occasional Omission Pale Ale or two (your voters got that part right – it is the best tasting of the gluten-removed bunch, and worlds better than any of the widely available sorghum-based substitutes).

  2. Every year I read this list and while some things I totally agree on, it seems that year after year, some really great brands never surface as winners. I live in a smaller town, definitely not one I’d call “gluten aware” and on the forefront of gluten knowledge, so I don’t think it’s that I’m privy to brands that others wouldn’t be able to find. So, I’ll offer my thoughts on at least a few categories because I know I’d want to know about these if I didn’t already!!
    Best Cookies: Lucy’s (almost all flavors); these taste more “real” and have way better health stats than Pamela’s!
    Best Dessert Mix: Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix is very rich, moist, and tasty
    Best Granola: Nature’s Path Organic Summer Berries Granola
    Best All-Purpose Mix: King Arthur’s GF AP Mix
    Best Bars: Nature’s Path Organic Dark Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

  3. Every year the winners of these awards baffles me. The folks voting on this must not have access to very many gluten free brands or choices! Come on, Chipotle as the best gluten-free menu of a national chain?! Udi’s as best gluten free bread MIX? Udi’s doesn’t even MAKE a GF bread mix! Sheesh!

  4. I am with Mark from St. Paul. Maybe a “Gluten Removed” beer category is in order for next year…in addition to the gluten-free beer category.
    And directly to Paul, have you tried St. Paul based Gluten-Free Burning Brothers Brewing’s beer? Info: Not widely available yet, but it is in the Twin Cities area.

  5. I won’t drink the gluten-removed beers either. I like Green’s the best but the price limits how often I drink it. Glutenberg is also very good.

  6. I realize many gf options/choices are still regional. I try nearly everything once when I see something new. I HAVE (for now) settled on Udi’s Whole Grain Bread, King Arthur’s GF AP Flour. And I can’t do the Daura or Omission much, so why bother? And I tend to not care for the really sweet ciders, so Michelob Hard Cider and Strongbow are still my fav apple ciders. Stella Artois makes a YUMMY Cidre (cider). I tend to stick to recipes of other things that would naturally be glutenfree versus buying processed glutenfree products. It’s less expensive and tastes better.

  7. Regarding Chipotle’s gluten free menu: I emailed them asking them why it wasn’t on they’re website. The responded that they could not guarantee that there would be no cross contamination and therefore would not advertise themselves as being gluten free. How on earth they received this award is beyond me as the smallest bit of contamination for a celiac will make them I’ll. Triumph needs to take note of this as the award is very deceiving. ;-(

  8. Since when is Omission gluten-free? As far as I know, it’s “gluten-reduced” and NOT suitable for celiacs or even many with gluten sensitivity. Even Omission is very careful about using the “Gluten Free” label (despite the fact that they meet the FDA requirements to use the label) and this award should have at least some sort of caveat on it.

  9. I just tried Green’s Dubbel Dark Ale, which is GF. I really like it & I’m not much of a beer drinker. My husband is an dark ale fan and he even said it was good. I never saw it in the Gf stores that I shop, so I went to Bev and Mo to find it.

  10. I agree with the WTF on OMission beer. I got totally sick after drinking this “gluten free?!” beer. I would never recommend it to anyone with celiac. I’m shocked that it’s on the best of list! I like dogfish gluten free, nice light, crisp beer that IS gluten free.

  11. I still think the best GF menu at a chain restaurant is PF Chang’s. To me, a “best menu” has options for each course of a meal. PF Changs has an appetizer, soups, salads, lots of entree options, and desert. It’s a very comprehensive menu. Chipotle is just fast food wrapped in a tortilla. Oh well.

  12. Omission should be omitted from any GF website because it is reduced gluten not gluten free. It has made many people sick inducing me. I like Green’s beer and Red Bridge. Omission is very bitter to me even if it was totally gluten free.As for restaurants…. Chipotle is good but PF Chang is better.

  13. I really like Schar’s bread the best. I get it at WalMart. Next best is Glutino’s. I think Ronzoni’s pasta is absolutely better than any GF pasta I’ve tasted. It’s available at Giant. Do’t have many GF restaurants around me.

  14. I second Eric’s comments about Chipotle. I got very sick from cross contamination even though they changed their gloves. How can ingredients be gluten free when the worker is reaching into the bins of food with gloves that have touched a flour tortilla? The only way they can be GF is by using all new ingredients and most customers do not want to go to that much trouble in a fast food restaurant. I think Chipotle is great as a corporation, but not for GF.

    What about restaurants like Outback and Fresh Brothers that train all their employees in how to handle GF?

    Regarding the beer, I would never drink Omission as I thought it wasn’t safe for celiacs.

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