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Review of Good Bean Chickpea Snacks by Triumph DiningFirst kale was the “in”healthy food, then chia seeds, and now it seems like chickpeas have stolen the throne. This nutty and buttery legume has been popping up in snacks all over the place! Not that I am one to complain, chickpeas are super healthy, gluten-free and The Good Bean’s Chickpea Snacks are currently my favorite.

Originally they had four flavors: Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Smoky Chili & Lime, and Sweet Cinnamon, but now they have added three new flavors: Mesquite BBQ, Thai Coconut and Chocolate. According to their website, one serving of Chickpea Snacks has as much protein as almonds, as much fiber as two cups of broccoli and as much folate as three cups of spinach.” 

The Smoky Chili & Lime has to be my favorite as it reminds me of the paper cones filled with roasted chickpeas dusted with chili powder that I used to buy from the roadside vendors in India. The heat from the paprika and chipotle is evenly balanced with the citrus of the lime so it’s not too spicy or overpowering for anyone. Plus Chili & Lime just says “summer”to me.

When you’re craving something sweet and crunchy, the Sweet Cinnamon and Chocolate flavors mixed together hits the spot. And with each bag containing 2 servings at 140 calories a serving, I never feel guilt when I accidentally eat the whole bag. If you’re a BBQ lover then you’ll really like the Mesquite BBQ flavor which reminds me of Masterpiece BBQ sauce and is great as a side when eating a sandwich.

The Good Bean believes in Fair Trade ingredients, Non-GMOs and manufacturing practices like testing products and cleaning equipment before production occurs. They are not just another gluten-free snack food company giving you empty calories and starchy snacks, their snack tastes good and is good for you, plus they’re certified gluten-free. Their snacks contain less than 5PPM and are high in protein to keep you snacking healthily.

Chickpea Snacks are available at Whole Foods, health-oriented grocery stores, online at or on Amazon.

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