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Review of Jujubeet in Seattle by Triumph DiningOn a trip taken to Seattle a couple months back, one of the last places I stopped was Jujubeet in Bellevue. This juice bar also offers gluten-free food items. Their goal is to provide quick, simple, delicious, nutritionally rich food.Their storefront offers a variety of proven superfoods and they claim that everything they sell is crafted to provide you with the energy and the nutrition needed to make each day spectacular.

I enjoyed my Green Limeade Smoothie made of spinach, parsley, kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lime. It had a bit of a bite, which I liked. They also offer Happy Greens, Liver Purifier, Carrot Zinger and Just Beet It! 

Their Specialty Juices include Nuthin’ But Greens and Tropical Greens and their Specialty Smoothies are Be Green, Crantastic and Power Green.

The people ahead of me in line told me that they often pick up an Acai Bowl (topped with fruit and paleo granola) on their way to work. Jujubeet’s other non-liquid offerings include a muesli bowl, a quinoa bowl, falafel and nut wraps, and red bean, Moroccan sweet potato and cauliflower couscous salads.

This being Seattle, of course they strive to use organic produce when possible, and work closely with Charlie’s Produce of Seattle, a long-time locally owned company. From time to time they substitute non-organic vegetables based on seasonal availability and costs but they promise never to serve ones in the dirty dozen.

Something I found very interesting was their attachment to their juicers. Vitamix is now a mainstream conversation topic and not just in the Pacific Northwest! Here’s an overview of Jujubeet’s juicers, in case you’re on the juicing kick, too.

  • The Nutrifaster is a centrifugal juicier, and it extracts the nutrients quickly and efficiently while leaving out the pulp. The resulting juices are best when consumed immediately.
  • The Vitamix preserves the whole produce, including the fiber, yet still makes the drink smooth enough for you to chug down. It will fill you up nicely and can serve as a meal replacement.
  • The Norwalk produces cold, raw-pressed juices. Due to the special process, the bottled juices have a longer shelf life (usually three days).

Who knew?!

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  1. So excited to find your site, and this post in particular has me very excited as we will be travelling to Seattle next month for my sister’s wedding. Jujubeet is one place we will definitely try!

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