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Chambelland Boulangerie – Gluten Free in Paris by Triumph DiningIn the 11th arrondissement of Paris is one of the newest editions to gluten-free bakeries of Europe, Chambelland Boulangerie. The bakery obtains the flour for their shaped breads from a dedicated gluten-free mill in the south of France. After the grains are delivered, the baker uses molds to shape the buckwheat, rice, rye, and other gluten-free flours into the beautiful array of choices that they offer fresh to patrons each day.

While you won’t find a traditional baguette here, you will find plenty of gluten-free breads shaped that way, as the French believe the crunchy crust is the most enjoyable part. However, because the bread is gluten-free, you will find it to be a bit denser as well, but also more moist. If you’re yearning for the traditional gluten bread taste, the bakery suggests that you to toast it first.

There are approximately 500,000 people in France with celiac disease. According to their website, Chambelland Boulangerie was opened by Nathaniel Doboin as an answer to all the large corporate companies who make overly processed food for gluten-free eaters that include a lot of additives. They chose to work with natural yeasts and fermentation in respect of French baking tradition.

Perhaps because it’s Paris and truly what they’re known for the best, there are also a small number of little pastries available each day such as lemon meringue tartlets, walnut tarts, mini cakes, and financiers as well. This boulangerie also serves lunch that features their house-made bread.

4 thoughts on “Chambelland Boulangerie – Gluten Free in Paris | Triumph Dining”

  1. Hi, thanks for your article.
    Please note three mistakes:
    -we don’t work with rye which contains gluten
    -we only work with our flours. The mill is our own mill. (Moulin Chambelland)
    -the project is leading by Nathaniel Doboin and me (Thomas Teffri-Chambelland)
    Best regards.

  2. Canyon Bakehouse makes a gluten free “rye” bread with caraway seeds. I hope that is what they are talking about, otherwise it is not gluten free. I haven’t been to France in many years but if I go again I’ll look for it.

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