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smashburgerlogoGood news burger fans! Smashburger will start offered Udi’s buns at its restaurants and has trained in employees in the art of preparing gluten-free food. The fast-casual chain has announced a partnership with Udi’s Gluten Free, which may mean Smashburger may get a few more gluten-free items in the near future.

“Practicing a gluten-free diet is an emerging consumer trend, and Udi’s is the clear quality leader in the gluten-free category,”said Tom Ryan, founder and chief concept officer of Smashburger. “The addition of Udi’s gluten-free buns fits in well with our strategy of marketing to consumers looking for healthy menu options.”

And what’s best yet, Smashburger has also reformulated its seasoning for the burgers and grilled chicken to be gluten-free as well so now gluten-free eaters aren’t stuck ordering a salad and can fully enjoy an entree option.

While fried pickles and haystacks are off the menu for gluten-free diners at Smashburger, the rest of the toppings are gluten-free, but hold the sides. The French Fries, Smash Fries, Sweet Potato Fries and Veggie Frites all risk cross contamination because they’re prepared in the same fryer as the gluten-filled options.

While some people might ask, do we really want to eat at Smashburger, as someone who has enjoyed them in college, my answer is yes. Smashburger is not a typical fast foodjoint with loud music and a bad product that doesn’t even look close to the pictures or ads. Smashburger has a lot of healthy and elevated options (the goat cheese, cucumber and spinach burger) that will have you feeling full and feeling good.

The new Udi’s bun will cost a dollar extra, but here is a coupon for a free one through June 22.

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  1. Has anyone tried this? They never seem to get my order right there and that was BF I tried ordering a gluten free option…

  2. 5 guys does not have gluten free bun’s. Where is smashburger? So far red robin serves gluten free bun’s and sweet potato fries. Also Burton’s grille I love. The owner is gluten free. Does any body else know of another place?

  3. Five Guys does not offer GF buns. However, they will Lettuce-wrap the burger for you if you request it. I always request my burgers that way, and they are very good! As far as I know, everything there is gluten free except for the buns, and the french fry vat is dedicated. The buns are also toasted on a separate grill, so there is little chance of cross-contamination. Make sure the cashier tells the cook that you are gluten free so your food will be safe.

  4. Fatburger makes their burgers gluten free by piling topping on leaving it open-faced, not wrapped in lettuce with shredded lettuce on the very top!!! No sliding around like those wrapped in lettuce and it’s so good!!!!!! Fuddrucker’s is great as I make a salad bar with the topping bar and just like Fatburger, eat it with a knife and fork…there is so much food, I don’t need fries. I love Redrobin but the glutenfree bun they use has way too much bread for me so I either have it wrapped in lettuce or use knife and fork again. I must admit I have tried Gluten Blockers from the vitamin store in case I’m going somewhere new and not sure of cross contamination or want to take a bite of something with gluten in it. I have gluten sensitivity, not celiac, but they must work as my last upper endoscopy was still fine!!!!! I don’t make a habit of it but sometimes at a banquet situation they aren’t always sure and don’t always offer a GF meal but I order the best I can…the last situation like that turned out great as even the cake was flourless but one never knows so Ialways carry food enzymes and “blockers”

  5. Thanks for the recommendation of “Smash Burgers: we soon will be going to a city where most of the GF restaurants are way out on the other side of the city. We will be using their servicesite on the east side of the city.

  6. I went to the Smash Burger in Sandy Springs GA and asked about GF and they looked at me like I had two heads. They told me they couldn’t make anything GF for me. I told them it was on their website and the mgr said sorry.

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