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Father & SonI’ve tried a lot of gluten free pizzas. I’m pretty sure all of you have too. Some just aren’t worth the calories, I’d rather bring make my own or eat a salad. You’re with me, right?

Hands down the best gluten free pizza near my house is at Father and Son Italian Kitchen in Skokie, IL. The gluten-free pizza there has a pan style crust that is buttery and crunchy in all the right places without being crumbly, chewy, soggy or tasting like cardboard. My favorite toppings include spinach, garlic and chicken but you can choose your own from a large selection of fresh options.

Their gluten-free menu is called Abbe’s Gluten Free. Pizzas are made fresh per order with your requested toppings. They are served as personal square pizzas cut into 9 square pieces. In the kitchen, toppings are kept in a separate area for gluten-free pizza prep and they are cooked in a dedicated gluten-free oven. It works out great for me. I can order my gluten-free personal pizza and my friends or family can order what they want and I don’t have to share.

In addition to the dinner pizzas, they also offer dessert pizzas topped with fruit and toffee that can be made with the same gluten free pizza crust. These are surprisingly good. If that’s not your preference you could try one of their warm, homemade gluten-free brownies after your pizza or just opt for some frozen yogurt or a glass of wine. They have just added beer and wine to their menu and management says they will add gluten-free beer also once beverage sales have proven to be successful.

The gluten-free menu also has a great veggie salad loaded with fresh zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes, red cabbage and black olives. They offer gluten-free pasta as well. Father and Son Italian Kitchen is conveniently located across from the Old Orchard mall so you can easily stop in after shopping to eat or to pick up gluten-free food on the way home. If you’re in the area it’s a must try. If you become a regular, be sure to sign up for their rewards program to earn points every time you order.

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  1. Need more infmation about places to eat in the Southern part of Arizona, like, Sierra Vista or Tucson. Gluten free foods and places to be trusted are rare.

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