mutlnomah-county-fair-e61d7198847c5689On June 3 we posted  about trying to enjoy a summer fair or carnival while eating gluten free. I listed all of the fried and breaded foods I found at the fair and decided to eat before I left or once I got home.

Thanks to our great readers I now have some ideas of what types of foods to look for when I go to my next summer event. Here are some of the foods our readers said they felt safe eating at the fair:

–        Kettle corn

–        Baked potatoes

–        Chocolate dipped frozen fruit on a stick

–        Fresh fruit

–        Carmel apple Sunday

–        Cheese curds (not fried)

–        Rice

–        Tacos on corn tortillas (depending on filling)

–        Grilled meats (depending on seasoning and preparation)

–        Corn on the cob – it’s often grilled in its own husk and you can opt for the butter or not

–        Salad

–        French fries – specifically the station at the fair where you can watch them slicing the potatoes and tossing them in oil. And that’s all they make there so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination.

–        Ice cream or shakes if the flavors are appropriate and there’s no cross contamination from filling cones

At the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, Washington one reader said they’d heard rumors of a stand offering gluten-free corn dogs cooked in a separate fryer. And other readers pointed me in the direction of their state fair websites where lists are provided showing which vendors are serving gluten-free options. Here are a few:

–        Wisconsin

–        Iowa

–        Texas

–        Minnesota

If you know of other lists please leave a comment below. As more and more of us ask for this information hopefully our options will increase.