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homephoto1As we noted in our previous post on this topic, living a gluten-free life is not an easy task. Living on campus can mean limited options and extra chances of being “glutened” by a dining hall staff who may or may not be trained in how to handle gluten allergies. Here is the second part of Udi’s list of The Top 10 Gluten Free Accommodating Colleges.

6. Tufts University, Medford, MA

Tufts takes dining with celiac disease very seriously which is why they developed their online guide called Dining with Celiac Disease- A Guide to Gluten-free Dining at Tufts . Link The guide includes how to search for gluten-free choices in (their) database, how to identify gluten and hidden sources of gluten in dishes being served, and it describes where additional gluten-free food is stored. There is also guides for vegetarians, vegans, and other food allergies as well

7. Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Liberty University believes in simple, homemade meals and provides students with an offering that includes a completely gluten-free lunch and dinner every day. They have a four-week menu cycle which provides lots of variety, and also offers gluten-free meals-to-go and snacks in their convenience store.

8. University of Texas, Austin, Austin, TX

The University of Texas Austin’s Division of Housing and Food Service offers free consultation sessions with the Registered Dietitian and Food Allergy Support Team, along with making specialized living and dining accommodations. There are gluten-free options at every dining venue and market, and there are online menus that have an allergen filter and full ingredients list. Students also have the ability to request specially prepared meals made in a designated facility by specially trained staff and then reviewed by the Registered Dietitian.

9. University of Colorado, Boulder, Boulder, CO

In Boulder, all of the dining halls clearly label the top eight allergens as well as gluten on all meal offerings. At the dining centers there are gluten-free breads, bagels and cereals as well as gluten-free baked goods at The Bakery. In addition, all retail and grab-n-go outlets offer gluten-free items and also label all prepared food for allergens. The C4C (Center 4 Community) dining hall has a dedicated gluten-free breakfast space with toasters, bread, bagels, and all of the condiments and toppings you could want.

10. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

There is no residential dining at the University of Arizona, instead, everything is retail. The gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options are clearly labeled with a special icon. In addition, the Red and Blue Market grab-n-go’s have a dedicated and clearly labeled gluten-free line which includes prepackaged sandwiches wraps, sushi and salads prepared in Core+, a dedicated gluten-free facility and restaurant. There is also The University of Arizona Gluten Free Club, which has partnered with Tucson Medical Center to organize the Tucson Gluten Free Expo.

If you come across other colleges with special gluten-free offerings, please let us know.

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  1. Check out Boston University. They do an amazing job with gluten free stations and a room for celiacs stocked with all kinds of gluten free goodies so they can grab and go in a hurry.

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