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organic-puffsHappy Family Foods makes a bunch of fantastic meals and snacks for babies and toddlers and lots of them are gluten-free, which makes this celiac mama very happy!

Everything they make is organic and yummy. My daughter enjoys homemade meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner so it’s their snacks that I love and use. They do Happy Puffs, Happy Munchies and Happy Creamies. My 10-month old daughter is a big fan of all three. She crawls over and climbs up on me as soon as she sees the bag or hears me ask her if she wants a puff.

Happy Puffs are melt-in-your-mouth, Cheerio-style snacks without any processed sugar. Here are the flavors: Apple, Purple Carrot and Blueberry, Banana, Greens, Strawberry, and Sweet Potato. Your little ones may be ready for these once they can eat solids with larger pieces and use their jaws to mash food with their gums.

Happy Munchies are a line of rice cakes, fruit and veggies crisps and baked cheese and grain snacks. We love the rice cakes around here. Available in Apple, Blueberry and Beet, and Carrot, these rice cakes for mini hands are a great way for babies to learn to feed themselves.

Happy Creamies are a non-dairy snack made with coconut milk, fruits and veggies. These come in three flavors: Apple / Spinach, / Pea, Kiwi /Carrot, / Mango and Orange / Strawberry / Raspberry / Carrot. Happy Creamies are probably the tastiest of the Happy Family range. My little one seems to agree.

To explore the full range of products from Happy Family Foods and to learn more about the company, check out their website. Their meals and snacks are available at plenty of stores across the country so you should be able to find somewhere nearby who has
them in stock.

Have you tried any of the Happy Family products? What did you think?

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