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AJCandyCorn-2We like hearing from bakeries who are keeping life safe and delicious for those of us gluten-free folks. A&J Bakery is based in Cranston, Rhode Island and they are my new favorite maker of allergen-free goodies.

Everything they make is gluten- and nut-free and their facility is free from both so there is no chance of cross contamination. From biscotti and brownies to breads and pies, they offer the gluten-free customer a fantastic selection. They also offer breakfast items like fruit Danish, banana bread and granola, as well as frozen and prepared foods such as pizza, Chicken Parmesan, lasagna and pot pie. What more could a celiac wish for?!

What I am most excited about are A&J’s seasonal offerings: gluten-free gummy hearts for Valentine’s Day, Easter Jelly Beans and the best of them all, candy corn!

Plenty of companies offer candy corn but I can’t think of any who can guarantee that it’s 100% gluten- and-nut free. This is a huge deal for any gluten- or nut-free trick or treaters out there.

They also do an Allergen-Friendly Gingerbread House! This has to be one of the most fun gluten-free products I’ve ever seen. Your holiday season is now complete with this pre-baked gingerbread house, five types of allergen-friendly candy and non-edible decorations. The house is free from all eight of the major allergens so it’s fun and safe for everyone. There are no peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat (and gluten), shellfish, soy, sesame or dairy.

To learn more about A&J Bakery or to buy their products, shop online at their website or stop by their bakery if you find yourself near Cranston.

Located at 1458 Park Ave., Cranston, Rhode Island

(401) 228-8696

Main website: http://www.AandJBakery.net

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