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ngbbs5029cd92b4231Easter is here and that means a lot of candy and a lot of parents of gluten-free children reading ingredient labels. Check out this 2015 Allergy-Friendly Easter Candy List from KidswithFoodAllergies.org.  When in doubt, read the labels and call the manufacturer.

You can also check out a site like SurfSweets.com. Candy on this site is lacks corn syrup, gluten, artificial colors and flavors, but uses organic ingredients. Much of the candy here is vegan or vegetarian. All are produced and packaged in a facility free of the top ten allergens.   

When you think of Easter you might think of Peeps. Happily, they are gluten-free. The company also has a good allergen statement their website with a phone number clearly mentioned for anyone with questions. As always, formulas may change so reach labels every time you buy.

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