Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten-Free Cereal is No More

Kellogg's Discontinues Gluten Free CerealKellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten-Free cereal has been discontinued. The company made the decision to stop making Gluten Free Rice Krispies due to disappointing sales and manufacturing constraints.

Fortunately the company makes many other gluten-free products, including Eggo Gluten Free Waffles, Fruit Flavored Snacks, Kellogg’s To Go Breakfast Shakes, Special K Breakfast Shakes, Special K Gluten Free Cereal, Special K Popcorn Chips, and Special K Protein Shakes.

All Kellogg’s gluten-free products and manufacturing facilities that produce gluten-free products undergo a comprehensive assessment and qualification to ensure compliance to regulations regarding gluten free designated foods.

38 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten-Free Cereal is No More”

  1. I’ve been back to Walmart and Meijer to get them and they were out. I checked other stores. I had no idea they were discontinued. Too bad for me.

  2. C’mon, Kelloggs … how hard can it be to make an inherently GF food like Rice Crispies GF? So you have to segregate a portion of your manufacturing facilities to avoid cross-contamination? Are you ceding the market to Arrowhead Mills?

  3. I found them in the store once and tried them but I could never find them in any store to buy them for the second time.

  4. I am quite disappointed with Kellogg’s decision to stop making the Gluten-free Rice Crispies cereal. The fact that the company is not making as much money as it does with its other products is a poor reason for ceasing distribution. I would usually buy 4 boxes at a price of $4.89 each. Yes, that’s close to $20.00 for cereal!!! I know it obviously doesn’t matter to the company but you have lost a great customer. Not only did I purchase your products, I also endorsed them to others with Celiac Disease. ‘Lack of profit’, especially to a multi-conglomerate like Kelloggs, is a lousy reason to discontinue such a great product. You should be ashamed of the revenue-mongers who came up with this pathetic solution. With extreme disgust, Nina Ihnken

  5. I wonder if this has to do with the rice they are using and the recent concerns about arsenic? Are people eating less cereal in general- it is not very nutritious? Or what is the real reason behind this decision?

  6. I guess I will stick with Rice Chex or Cheerios (once they are officially GF). I will be happy to give my business to companies that make an effort to provide our community the same service as their non-GF consumers. I checked out the gluten free Special K and it has a lot more sugar in it than the GF Rice Krispies did (and more than both Rice Chex and Cheerios).

    I tried the GF Eggos and, unless I ate them immediately after toasting, I really did not like them. I will stick with Wegman’s GF waffles. $1.97 for a package of 8 waffles and my mom liked them better than the regular waffles she usually buys.

  7. If sales of GF Rice Krispies were dissapointing, perhaps it was because they were not advertised sufficiently. I found them “once” and was never again able to find a store (H.E.B., Sprouts, Whole Foods) that carried them! Hide and Seek does not create great sales.

  8. We used the Gluten free Rice Krispies for marshmallow treats and scotcheroo bars. I am so disappointed in Kellogg’s decision.

    1. I also made GF Rice Krispie Peanutbutter Bars. Since Kellogs is such an uncaring company, I am banning Kellog products from my house!

  9. Why make a naturally GF food like rice non-GF? Surley there must be some other flavor to add besides barley malt – then ALL Rice Krispies could be GF! Something to consider Kellogg’s!

  10. It’s a shame because I grew up eating Rice Krispies even before I was diagnosed with celiac disease. When I was a kid I had the snap, crackle & pop hand puppets from saving and cashing in your box tops.

    I guess all good thing end in the profit motive

  11. They made a poor choice when they decided to make a separate GF Rice Krispies. Besides the fact that they tasted like dust and were more expensive, grocery stores did not want to bother carrying two versions. They should have done what General Mills has been very successful with, taking the malt flavoring out of Rice Chex and replacing it with molasses. They are slowly making many of their cereals GF and they are easy to find and inexpensive.

  12. Gloria is right – the fatal mistake was not making all the RK cereal gf. Also, according to the company, they will continue to sell the gf version in Canada. At least, that announcement was made last month – maybe something’s changed.

  13. maybe disappointing sales were due to so difficult to find? Walmart had them for a while as well as our regional grocer but both discontinued them so I had thought production was discontinued well before now

  14. I bought it regularly to make treats but could not consistently find it. It has been an issue with other gf products as well. Here I was waiting for the treats to come out in a gf version. Dreaming!

  15. And Cheerios will be gluten free this month! All Chex cereals are gluten free (except for Wheat Chex) and you are right – they are priced like all other cereals that are not gluten free. And they taste great!

  16. I personally wouldn’t buy them because of the BHT. If you want to get the business of people with food intolerances, allergies or those who want to eat healthier, start offering healthier gf products without questionable ingredients. I amp up my gf rice cereal with chia seeds and some organic raisins for a quick breakfast.

  17. I will miss them. I agree, they were hard to find and that might have added to their demise.
    I have a recipe that uses Rice Krispies and I haven’t found any substitute for it yet. Bummer!

  18. Gloria hit the nail on the head. They should have just made all Rice Krispies gluten free, and then, the sales wouldn’t have suffered. Very disappointed in the decision to discontinue the GF Rice Krispies. :(

  19. I didn’t buy the cereal because it contains BHT, a petroleum-based preservative. Petroleum is NOT a part of my diet.

  20. The Gluten Free Special K cereal is terrific! Very flavorful and crunchy. Please go buy it so it’s not discontinued. Try it with a handful of blueberries now that they are in season.

  21. Many of my Celiac friends have numerous stomach problems and found that they cannnot tolerate brown rice that they put in the GF Rice Krispies.
    I agree, why didn’t they replace the malt and make all Rice Krispies gluten free.

  22. I was very disappointed that Kellogg’s dropped The Gluten-free Rice Krispies. It is one brand I could eat. It did not contain wheat, gluten, or corn. It has more taste than some other gluten-free brands and was cheaper as well. It was not dry, but had flavor.
    It also contained more vitamins which are lacking in a lot of other brands. I cannot eat the gluten-free Special K due to corn found in it.

  23. I actually liked Kelloggs GF Rice Krispies, but had a hard time finding it. Grocery stores usually sold-out of it or didn’t receive a large enough stock of it, so it was often UNAVAILABLE. Is Kellogg’s sure it was not selling? Or, maybe there was some sort of error at their distribution site since it was hard to find, even in large grocery chains like Stop and Shop, and Shop Rite.

  24. Kellogg’s should be ashamed of their poor efforts. Haven’t seen a gluten free box of Rice Krispies in forever. Like someone said you can’t buy what you can’t find and there has been no place to buy them.

  25. That is a shame that Kellogg’s is retiring the GF Rice Krispies. I, too, had a hard time finding a store that carried them… General Mills is now making all of their Cheerios GF and will be out by the end of July. Thank you GM!

  26. Like others, I was only able to find these once… Especially disappointing now that it is Rice Krispie Treat weather. Feel like Kellog’s didn’t even try to promote these.

  27. I am so not happy about them discontinuing the Rice Krispies. I used them all the time for breakfasts and Rice Krispie squares. Not sure what some of these people are talking about saying the taste bad and can’t find them. They taste great and Save on foods carries them all the time. Guess I better stock up on them. Why do companies get rid of good things? So disappointing.

  28. I never found them but then in our neck of the desert the diet hasn’t really been embraced by grocery stores or resturants as well as it seems in the east. If the box shown was a GF I see nothing to indicate that.

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