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Descendant CiderDescendant Cider claims to be New York City’s first and only hard cider company making real, small-batch cider by hand right in the city.

Descendant Cider uses only New York apples sourced from the Hudson Valley. Here’s what the cidery is currently offering:

Succession Sparkling Semi Dry (5.5%) has six apple varieties fermented then blended with fresh pressed apple juice to balance the acidity.

Pom Pomme Sparking Dry (6.5%) is a blend of apples, pomegranate and hibiscus flowers.

Descendant Dry (6.9%) tastes like strong ripe apples and it’s balanced with soft tannin. It’s unfiltered or clarified.

You can find the cider at Descendant’s Queens location and also at an expanding list of New York bars and restaurants. Find more information on the Descendant Cider website.

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