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Nima sensor analyzingHave you ever doubted that a meal you ordered in a restaurant was actually gluten-free? Ever wanted to test it yourself before diving in? The Nima sensor from 6SensorLabs now makes that possible, thanks to an easy-to-use device.

The premise of the Nima sensor is simple. Add a small food sample into a Nima test pod, click the pod into place, and wait for the results. After about two minutes of analysis, the device offers a smile to indicate that the tested food is indeed gluten-free or a frown to indicate that the food contains unsafe levels of gluten.

Nima sensor gluten-freeThe current version of Nima uses a proprietary chemistry test and adheres to FDA guidelines for gluten-free labeling, which means it tests for 20 parts per million of gluten. In the future, 6SensorLabs intends to release devices that can test for peanuts and dairy, making this a potentially handy solution for a wider range of food allergy sufferers.

Since Nima is a small, handheld device, it’s highly portable and relatively discreet. Using the Nima sensor to test your plate might get the attention of your dining companions, but it’s not likely to attract unwanted attention from around the restaurant.

Nima sensor detecting glutenIf you’re a frequent restaurant goer, Nima brings up all kinds of interesting questions. To what extent can this device replace the standard gluten-free discussion with a restaurant manager? How many bites should you test to get an accurate read on the gluten-free nature of your meal? What’s the right way to react when a supposedly gluten-free meal tests positive for gluten?

What’s your take on this method of testing for gluten? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Interested in trying the Nima sensor for yourself? The device is now available for preorder from 6SensorLabs. The preorder cost for Nima is $199, which includes the device and three disposable test pods.

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  1. This is incredible! Where was this 12 years ago when my son was diagnosed and no one even knew what “gluten free” meant! I wish I was working, I’d order this in a heartbeat!

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