Westin Playa Conchal | Triumph Dining Travel

Westin Playa Conchal Costa RicaI love to travel. My perspective of traveling has changed a bit, though, since my study abroad days when we’d subsist for the day on bread and cheese that we could carry with us. I had a stomachache every day on that trip, and now I know why. Needing to stay gluten free, even while traveling, is a challenge. Add to that a language barrier or a new country, and traveling gluten-free can be downright scary.

I didn’t know quite what to expect on my recent trip to Costa Rica. I’d been before but that was 10 years ago and only at the beginning of my gluten-free lifestyle. This time I was fairly confident that I would be able to live on fresh fruit and rice if necessary.

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Moon Cheese | Triumph Dining Product Review

Moon CheeseI’ve been traveling a bit lately and NEVER get on a plane without some sort of food that I know is safe to eat. I pack snacks from home, but I usually end up looking for some in the airport, too. Airports have tons of junk food, but I don’t normally want chocolate as my snack and a salad is just too cumbersome to carry and eat on the plane.

While walking through the Toronto Pearson International Airport recently, I discovered Moon Cheese at a snack stand. The info on the front of the zip lock package read: “High in protein, all natural, gluten free and an excellent source of calcium.” Ingredients: “Only 100% cheese.” It hooked me in. Continue reading “Moon Cheese | Triumph Dining Product Review”

Gluten Free Sushi Made at Home | Triumph Dining

ricewrapsThanks to the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo in Chicago in May and some fortuitous time spent on Twitter, I happened to discover two new gluten-free products that go great together.

I discovered Rice Waps Foods on Twitter. Their rice sheets and rice pillows have been sitting my freezer for a couple months now just waiting for inspiration to strike. Thanks to Trans Ocean Products being at the GFAF Expo and selling their product in my local grocery store, inspiration struck tonight. Continue reading “Gluten Free Sushi Made at Home | Triumph Dining”

GF&AF Expo – Chicago | Triumph Dining

gfandafIs anyone else getting excited for the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo that’s coming to the Chicago area? I’ll be there looking for new things to feed my family and blog about for you, too. The show is being held at the Schaumburg Convention Center on May 2 and 3. Tickets are on sale now and are still discounted until May 1 if you buy online and use the promo code “ADVANCE”.

The GF&AF Expo is a fast growing show that started back in 2007. This year the Expo will showcase over 100 brands of gluten free, allergy friendly products. They will give away coupons, samples and discounts. Some products are available for purchase right there at the show. There will be brands you may have heard of and lots that you haven’t tried yet. Continue reading “GF&AF Expo – Chicago | Triumph Dining”