Our New Gluten-Free Grocery Guide Is Here

new grocery guideWe’re super excited to let you know that the 6th Edition of our award-winning gluten-free grocery guide is now available!

The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, just published, covers more than 52,000 products, including 3,300 brand names.

The 532-page book breaks food products into Dairy & Eggs; Beverages; Baking; Canned & Prepackaged Food; Bread, Cereal & Pasta; Condiments; Snacks; Baby Food & Formula; Frozen Foods; Meat; and Vitamins. We also show you which products have been categorized based on a review of the ingredients, whether gluten testing was done, if the product came from a dedicated gluten-free facility, all things people who live without gluten need to know!

The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide’s retail price is $27.95 but can be purchased for $24.95 from our website or from Amazon.

You can also buy the new guide as part of our Home Cooking Bundle or with the Triumph Dining Restaurant Guide.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza | Triumph Dining Restaurant Review

Mellow Mushroom PizzaMellow Mushroom pizza parlors can be found primarily in the east and southern US. However, it seems to be worth seeking out because it is very friendly to those of us with dietary restrictions.

The Mellow Mushroom franchise provides an online allergen menu with numerous milk-free / dairy-free options for pizza crusts, sauces, toppings and more. They offer a standard gluten-free pizza crust that is noted as free of milk ingredients, too. Continue reading “Mellow Mushroom Pizza | Triumph Dining Restaurant Review”

Maggiano’s Offers Gluten-free Menu

Maggiano's Gluten FreeMaggiano’s Little Italy has unveiled a standalone menu that highlights the chain’s gluten-free offerings.

The 49 restaurants’ menus have new items, including a cheese-filled ravioli that the chain developed with its supplier, prepared with cheese and spring vegetables.

The ravioli were produced in a plant that is cleaned, swabbed and tested for gluten before manufacturing the pasta. Maggiano’s then sent the item to a third-party inspector to test that it met or exceeded gluten-free standards. Continue reading “Maggiano’s Offers Gluten-free Menu”

Two Moms in the Raw Granola | Triumph Dining Product Review

Gluten Free GranolaOur last review of Two Moms in the Raw products is of the granola. You can read about their Nut Bars here and Sea Crackers here.

Overall, our tasting team at Triumph Dining really liked the granola and found it very similar to the Nut Bars. It’s a slightly sweet and crunchy eating experience.

The granola comes four packages to a box for a total weight of eight ounces. They come in blueberry, gogiberry, goldenberry, cranberry and raisin flavors. Continue reading “Two Moms in the Raw Granola | Triumph Dining Product Review”