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Please Sir, I Want S’more… Gluten-Free Graham Crackers

Thanks to for the gorgeous pic!

You can’t make s’mores without sweet crunchy crumbly graham crackers to sandwich your melty marshmallow and chocolate between. And some of the best pies (I’m looking at you, cheesecake) require a graham cracker crust for authentic flavor. But it’s not always easy to find a gluten-free version.

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What’s For Breakfast? Gluten-Free Waffles.

Who was it who once said, “Waffles are just like pancakes but with pockets to hold the syrup.” Okay, that was probably just me at the breakfast table last weekend, but, really, how great are those little square indentations? I love waffles drowned in maple syrup, smothered with fresh strawberries or strawberry jam or strawberry syrup, filled with blueberries or melted chocolate chips, or covered in whipped cream. Blogger Jessica has also shared her liking for gluten-free waffles. While Eggo has yet to make a gluten-free waffle, there are a few gluten-free frozen waffle brands out there that are ready to be popped in the toaster or microwave for a quick easy delicious gluten-free breakfast.

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Parmesan Crisps: Cheese, they’re good!

Warning: do not eat in one sitting (it's hard, I know). A little goes a long way.

There are plenty of reasons to love Parmesan Crisps from Kitchen Table Bakers. They’re portable and satisfying. They come in nine varieties. They’re made entirely of all-natural cheese. And, of course, they’re gluten-free!

These aren’t the kind of snack you munch mindlessly. They’re quite rich and need to be savored. A little bit goes a long way to kick that craving for something salty. We like them just plain, with nothing on them.

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“Polly Want a (Gluten-Free) Cracker?”

If only I had time to make homemade crackers, like Teri Gruss at Yum!

When I want a salty crunchy snack, I grab a box of crackers and munch away. Whether you eat them on-the-go as a portable snack and enjoy them paired with dips, cheeses, and meats as an appetizer, crackers are fun and versatile. Even better, there is a wide array of gluten-free cracker brands to be enjoyed, made out of a variety of ingredients, such as almonds, rice, potato starch, or corn starch.

So which are the best gluten-free cracker brands to reach for when you crave a salty snack?

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Gluten-Free Ice Cream!

picture of ice cream sundaes

Photo via Flying Toaster

Although summer is the quintessential season for ice cream consumption, you’ll find me eating this dessert in the middle of a winter snowstorm. Basic ice creams are often gluten-free, but you have to be careful to check the label because additives and flavoring can contain gluten. To help make finding a safe flavor much simpler, our grocery guide has seven entire pages which list the gluten-free flavors of major ice cream brands. The major brands such as Edy’s (Dreyer’s), Haagen-Dazs, Meijer, and Turkey Hill all offer a wide array of flavors “made without gluten-containing ingredients.”

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Gluten Free on the Go: Our Favorite Gluten Free Mobile Apps

woman on cell phone

Image via Derek A.

Understatement of the year: eating gluten free is hard. And shopping gluten free is a formidable challenge, even for those of us who are old hands at the GF diet. New products, changing ingredient lists, vague nutrition info – grocery shopping is a vertiable minefield of problems.

While our gluten free grocery guide is a pretty awesome solution (if we do say so ourselves), sometimes you want to travel a little lighter. Luckily, most – if not all – smartphones have apps that can help make GF grocery shopping a little easier. Below are some of our go-to apps for info on GF groceries, broken down by type of phone.

For Blackberry users, we love the simply named Gluten Free app. You can search by food category, brand name, or grocery store to find lists of GF products. Besides the obvious though, it boasts a ton of useful features, including food recall alerts and MyList, which gives you the ability to save personalized food items for a quick reference. You can share your list with friends and family members so they know what’s safe to buy without making a dozen double-check phone calls.

My personal favorite feature? Because it’s possible that your GF purchases could be tax deductible, this app has a Grocery Bill feature that allows you to list your grocery bill amount and calculate the allowable tax deduction. You can then send the information to your accountant or to yourself for your personal records. Obviously this information will vary from person to person, but it’s a pretty awesome starting point for more exploration of your tax deduction options.

To see more about this app, just click the link above to see a description in the BlackBerry App World store.

We have a couple favorites for the Android. The first is Gluten Free Ingredients, a simple little app that gives you a searchable list of safe and unsafe ingredients. This has been awesome for me when I run across an item with vague packaging or unfamiliar ingredients. Plus, at $0.99, it’s pretty dang affordable! You can check it out on the Android Market by clicking the link.

Also in the Android market is the Gluten Free Ultimate Solution. This 2-for-1 app gives you lists of GF recipes (handily rated so you know where the good stuff is) as well as lists and reviews of GF friendly restaurants near you. I love that you can search the recipes by ingredient so you can work with what you have on hand.

And, last but not least, we have two favorites for the iPhone as well. The first is a really handy one called Cook IT Allergy Free. This recipe app is a compendium of GF recipes, but with an added bonus: with just one tap, you can switch out ingredients you’re allergic to – like milk, nuts, or eggs – and it will substitute it with a safe replacement. You can then save you customized recipes to a grocery list, organized by either Aisle or Recipe, allowing you to recreate your delicious, allergen-free meal with no note-taking or memorizing. The one downside is that, with a little over 200 recipes, your options are a tad limited, but each update comes with more recipes so this is definitely an app with some staying power.

Our other favorite app is, of course, our own Gluten Free Groceries by Triumph Dining. With over 30,000 items from over 1,000 brands, this is one of the most comprehensive apps you’ll find on any mobile platform – it’s essentially our grocery guide in app form. Search by category, brand, or item and see detailed information for each product, including manufacturer’s comments and cross-contamination risks.

My personal favorite part? This app works offline. So if your grocery store is, like my beloved Safeway, in a dead zone, you can still use this app to navigate the aisles with confidence. Bam.

Do you all use apps to make your GF lifestyle a little easier? Do you have a favorite that we missed here? Let us know!

2011 Best of Gluten-Free Winners: Part 3, Baking Mixes, Snacks & Frozen Foods

Best of Gluten-Free Awards

Welcome to part 3 of our Best of Gluten-Free Award Winners announcements. Today we’re announcing winners in our gluten-free baking mix category, as well as your favorite gluten-free snacks and frozen foods!

(In case you missed it, check out winners from Part 1 and Part 2.

Thank you again to the 5,800+ people who voted. Your votes counted, and here they are.

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“And That’s a (Gluten-Free) Wrap!”

picture of a wrap sandwichIn the on-the-go multi-tasking busy world we live in, sandwich wraps are the ultimate portable food. Wraps can be quickly rolled up and eaten in one hand while your other hand is texting, folding laundry, or walking the dog.

I love having wraps on hand in the kitchen because they are such a great way to use up leftovers. It is so easy to top a wrap with any steak, chicken, seafood, salad, rice, sauce, or gravy leftover from dinner and roll it up for a quick lunch the next day. I also love to add sharp flavors such as goat cheese, blue cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, craisins, mustard, herb spreads, egg or tuna salad, olives, capers, or bean sprouts depending on what I have in my refrigerator. Another favorite use of wraps is to tightly roll a wrap sandwich and then slice it into pinwheels for a luncheon tray. This works well with ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or really any combination of sandwich fillers. But where to find a gluten-free wrap?

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Diagnosing Celiac Disease with a Pill?

Image courtesy of mobihealthnews

A family member recently told me she did NOT have Celiac disease, according to her PillCam results. Interesting!

For one, what the heck is a PillCam?! Second, isn’t the “gold standard” of Celiac diagnosis an intestinal biopsy? I was intrigued and did a little digging.

In this Q&A, we cover all you need to know about the PillCam and Celiac diagnosis, with lots of help from Celiac guru Dr. Alessio Fasano, Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and head of the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research.

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Gluten Intolerance Called an “Impending Epidemic” in India

picture of a scient at a blackboard

Robert Burns Woodward did not conduct these studies. We just like this picture.

Since most of our readers live the states or Canada, we don’t often talk about gluten free products or news happening in other countries. When we do, it’s usually Western countries like Sweden or Italy. But the Triumph community is growing faster than ever, and I think it’s high time we started looking at what it’s like to be gluten free all over the world.

With perfect timing, a piece of news out of India just landed in my e-mail, so we’ll start there. A recent editorial in the Indian Journal of Medical Research calls gluten intolerance “an impending epidemic” and questions what, if anything, the country can do to prevent it from becoming a widespread problem.

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