Gluten-Free Journey Part 3

By Leslie

Day 28

I’ve been gluten-free for nearly a month now. I do feel better, physically. But it’s hard to stick with in an absolute sense when it’s not medically necessary. Crises come up in daily life (work deadlines, sick kids, volunteering at local events starting at 6am) and the foods that are readily available are not always gluten-free. The few times I’ve eaten gluten in these last four months I could tell the difference.

As a co-owner of Triumph Dining, I want to make it easier for people to live a gluten-free lifestyle, be it by choice or medical necessity. And part of that is talking to people about the benefits of living gluten-free and helping gluten-free products gain traction in the market.

As long as I see, and feel, the clear benefits I will stick with this.

Thanks for sharing in my journey.

Gluten-Free Meals in a Gluten-Filled House

By Bridget

As is true with my family, most households are not completely gluten-free. Though research bounces back and forth, there seems to be a general consensus that completely eliminating gluten from your diet if you’re not suffering from a gluten intolerance is not necessary, and can actually be detrimental to proper nutrient consumption. Thus the question arises: how do you keep up the gluten-free habits for the sake of one family member, while maintaining a healthy, well-rounded diet for gluten-eating members of your family?

Here are three tips for cooking for your gluten-free family member in a generally gluten-filled house:

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The Beginning of a Gluten-Free Journey

By Leslie

Day 1

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My alarm went off at 5:15a like it does most Monday mornings. By 6a I was in the car on the way to work, my stomach in knots. Was it because I was hungry or because it was upset?

And so today I’m doing what many other people have done: cutting gluten out of my diet to see if it makes a difference.

Two years ago celiac disease and a gluten-free lifestyle became regular words in my vocabulary because my husband, our friend Bobby and I took the reigns of Triumph Dining, a publishing company devoted to this market.

Since then I’ve learned a lot from the media, our readers, our advertisers and our bloggers.

Stay tuned. Today I begin to walk the talk.


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Keeping Play Dough Gluten-Free

By Bridget


Play dough can often seem like a staple to childhood. From trying to dye it different colors to form masterpiece after masterpiece, children are simple enamored with the pliable dough. Unfortunately, kids with Celiac disease can have some trouble using the common toy. As was discussed a couple of weeks ago, many of those with Celiac Disease suffer from topical reactions in their cosmetics, and children could be at risk for breakouts and rashes on their arms if they have severe allergies. Moreover, young children are so prone to putting things in their mouth, that they could accidentally ingest some of the play dough (leading to some serious unintended tummy troubles).

To keep your house (or even school!) safe, try making your own play dough! Your kids will love watching it form, make their own colors, and can play with the dough risk-free! Try out this gluten-free play dough recipe at home!

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