Whitney’s Castleton Gluten Free Crisps | Triumph Dining Review

CCRgc1Have you ever meticulously looked into the soup ingredients at a restaurant before ordering? Did you order it after deeming that it was safe only to have it served with a big fat gluten-filled crouton on top? I’ve been there. It’s actually what gave me the idea of how to use the package of Whitney’s Castleton Gluten Free Crisps that came in my Cuisine Cube.

After realizing early on in my gluten-free experience that many soups use wheat flour as a thickener, I now know to read labels on everything. Even soups like plain tomato, which doesn’t seem like it would needflour, often has it in the ingredients. So for dinner this week I selected a gluten-free butternut squash bisque and tossed in the Castleton Crisps. It was a nice addition to a soup that can be somewhat bland. The crisps are very crunchy so they worked perfectly as a crouton but they are also sliced thin so they could be easily broken into smaller pieces into soup, like a cracker.   Click to continue reading »

Flour Chylde Bakery | Triumph Dining Review

flourchyldebakery-640x480It was another long weekend at a dance competition. Tired of hotel food, I punched up Yelp on my iPhone and searched for a farmers’ market near this particular convention center. This led me to the Flour Chylde Bakery stand in downtown Sunnyvale, California. Here’s a link to their farmers’ market locations.

Honestly, if you didn’t know that their baked goods were gluten-free, you’d never think it. Click to continue reading »

Element Snacks | Triumph Dining Product Review

Element-Corn-CakesI like rice cakes. I might be one of those few people who actually do. When Cuisine Cube sent me dark chocolate covered rice cakes I was intrigued.

Element Snacks makes a variety of snacks but the one I tried, the dark chocolate covered rice cake, was perfect. The rice cake was thin, crunchy, round and not crumbly. On one side it had a thin layer of dark chocolate. It didn’t feel overindulgent and it satisfied my chocolate craving – a perfect balance for a chocolate snack. Click to continue reading »

Jessica’s Syrup | Triumph Dining Product Review

Jessica's SyrupI’ve discovered I’m a vanilla junkie. Lately I like to put it in everything: my tea, smoothies, lattes and yogurt. My kids like it in milk. I’ve been buying one type of syrup or using those tiny flavored creamers at work without even thinking that there might be something better on the market. Luckily Jessica’s Natural Foods must have been on a similar wavelength and created a better option for me.

They have come out with two syrups: Vanilla and Strawberry. Unlike the other options on the market these use natural, organic ingredients like real vanilla and real strawberries. They don’t have any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Click to continue reading »

Thai Feast Frozen Entrees | Triumph Dining Review

pad-thaiSometimes, especially in the winter, when I really want something warm for lunch and I don’t want to bundle up and venture outside of my office to get it, a frozen meal from the microwave hits the spot. We all know, however, that most of what is in the freezer section at the grocery store is not gluten-free.

Now there’s a new line of gluten-free Asian meals. The meals by Thai Feast use only brown rice or gluten-free noodles. They are free of trans fats and MSG. The four flavors include: Chicken Fried Rice, Garlic Black Pepper Chicken, Chicken Pad Thai, and Vegetable Coconut Red Curry. Click to continue reading »

Udi’s Gluten-free Burritos | Triumph Dining Product Review

udis-gluten-free-burrito-wrapper-e1420673411568America’s love for burritos has encouraged Udi’s Gluten Free to introduce frozen gluten-free burritos. The four breakfast burritos use whole eggs or just egg whites and combine sausages, bacon, cheese and veggies. The lunch / dinner varieties have similar cheese and meat (steak, chicken) or veggie/bean matchups.

These are easy options for the gluten-free diner on the go. A 5-ounce burrito is retail priced at $3.99. Find them at www.udisglutenfree.com.

Passover Gluten-Free Jackpot | Triumph Dining

gluten-free-pankoDoes anyone else feel like they hit the gluten-free jackpot when Passover comes around? This is the time of year that even neighborhood grocery stores have all sorts of extra gluten-free items.

Passover is a Jewish holiday that lasts eight days and is celebrated in the early spring. It commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. Rules of Kosher eating are further restricted during this holiday and eliminate leavened bread, wheat, barley, spelt, rye and oats. Depending on ancestry and beliefs restrictions may also include rice, corn, lentils, beans and peanuts.  (It’s important to note that certain items may still contain Kosher for Passover wheat products so still read labels carefully and look for gluten-free labels. Click to continue reading »

Easter Candy | Triumph Dining

ngbbs5029cd92b4231Easter is here and that means a lot of candy and a lot of parents of gluten-free children reading ingredient labels. Check out this 2015 Allergy-Friendly Easter Candy List from KidswithFoodAllergies.org.  When in doubt, read the labels and call the manufacturer.

You can also check out a site like SurfSweets.com. Candy on this site is lacks corn syrup, gluten, artificial colors and flavors, but uses organic ingredients. Much of the candy here is vegan or vegetarian. All are produced and packaged in a facility free of the top ten allergens.    Click to continue reading »

Tres Latin Foods | Triumph Dining

product-thumb-spinach-cheeseHave you ever heard of a pupusa? Have you ever tried one? If you never have or if you’re already a big fan, you’re in luck because now you can buy them in the grocery section of your local store.

A pupusa is a stuffed corn tortilla that originated in El Salvador. Pupusas are traditionally served with a side of curtido, a vinegary coleslaw. The recipe to make this can be found on the side of the pupusa box.

Tres Latin Foods was born in 2008 in a stand at the Boulder County Farmer’s Market in Colorado. Their pupusas first hit grocery store shelves in 2010, and they now can be found in the freezer section of hundreds of Whole Foods Market locations, and other grocery stores across the country (complete list of retailers can be found here). Click to continue reading »

Sweet Christine’s Bread | Triumph Dining

B00CWL6SH4.01-AI0Z8PHFT0KCQ._SS2560_SCRMZZZZZZZ_V352940806_You may have seen the previous post about Sweet Christine’s Bakery sweet treats like muffins, lava cake and cookies. This post is to talk about their more savory options.

There are brands of gluten-free bread, bagels and buns that we all end up buying because they are easy to find and good to have on hand. Some are better than others but none of them really hit the spot when you are after a soft bun for a BBQ beef sandwich or a Sloppy Joe, something you can fill up with meat then squish down to absorb the sauce. I want to be able to squish without forcing out the entire inner layer! Sweet Christine’s buns and bagels work. The texture is softer than what I usually buy and the flavor is slightly sweet, like an egg bread or challah. They work great for a favorite breakfast or dinner sandwiches. Click to continue reading »