Cookies by Design | Triumph Dining

IMG_2974Have you ever received a Cookies by Design bouquet? They are staple gifts in our family and we’ve used them as centerpieces for Thanksgiving dinners, baby showers and birthday parties. And, to be honest, we’ve actually just gone into the store and bought some to eat, too, as they’re that tasty.

Now these cookie bouquets are available gluten-free! The official Triumph Dining taste testers compared gluten-filled to gluten-free and we are pleased to let you know that while the cookies don’t taste exactly the same, the gluten-free ones are very good.

Take a look at the bouquet options and then consider your flavor choices: sugar, chocolate ship, white chocolate macadamia nuts and “millionaire”. What we like best about these cookies is the look – they come in hundreds of shapes and are beautifully decorated and can be personalized.  Click to continue reading »

Glutino Gluten Free Wafers | Triumph Dining Product Review

GLU009_XlFor every GF eater, there’s one snack you still daydream about because there either isn’t a GF option yet or those available aren’t a great replacement. For many that snack was sugar wafers – until they found Glutino’s. Whether you like your snacks sweet or tart; Glutino Gluten Free Wafers has something for you with their Milk Chocolate, Vanilla or Lemon flavors. Click to continue reading »

Gluten-Free on Pinterest | Triumph Dining

frittersMost of us think of Pinterest as a visual social medium, often turned to for party ideas, pretty pictures and viewing collections of physical items.

However, just last week I searched Gluten Free on Pinterest and came up with more than a few things to share. Click to continue reading »

Roche Bros. Expand Gluten-Free Section | Triumph Dining

ROCHE_BROTHERS_LOGOAs the market for gluten-free products dramatically increases for a variety of different reasons, supermarkets are offering more extensive gluten-free sections to compete with demand. Roche Bros, headquartered in Wellesley Hills, MA, are the latest to stock their shelves with hundreds of new gluten-free items.  Click to continue reading »

Gardein Offers New Gluten-Free Meatless Foods | Triumph Dining

GARDEIN MEATLESS PRODUCTSWhile Dunkin’ Donuts is pulling gluten-free items from their menu, Gardein, the award-winning maker of meatless foods such as Chick’n and Turk’y is introducing a new line of GF items which will include Beefless Ground, Veggie Burger and a Black Bean Burger.          Click to continue reading »

Misty Mountains Farm | Triumph Dining

bread_makingYet another find on my Seattle trip was Misty Mountains Farm, where Matt and Arial Buza work together to create the sweet and savory breads and baked goods they offer through a unique community-supported bakery (CSB). Each CSB members’ weekly share is delivered right to their doors. About half of Misty Mountains Farm’s selection is gluten-free, and it is always popular. Click to continue reading »

Trophy Cupcakes | Triumph Dining Review

Trophy-Cupcakes-and-Party2I woke up Monday morning in Seattle, a beautiful, foodie city. After a crazy morning of meetings I found myself at Trophy Cupcakes in the University District and looking at a beautiful three-tier display of gluten-free goodies.

While the Seattle-based cupcake shop does not have a dedicated gluten-free baking facility, they do take general preventative measures to prevent cross-contamination. So, be careful if and when you go.

Each day they feature three gluten-free cupcakes amidst their lineup of regular cupcakes. Yesterday I found Red Velvet, Chocolate Vanilla and Cherries Jubilee

Trophy was founded in 2007 by Jennifer Shea and her husband Michael Williamson. Jennifer is a life-long baker and party-maker, winning accolades as early as age eight, in the form of 4-H blue ribbons for her grandma’s pumpkin roll.

The storefront is adorable and Jennifer bakes with European chocolate, Madagascar bourbon vanilla and local sweet cream butter. They are finished with hand-piped buttercream, rich French sprinkles and happy decorations.

Their other Seattle locations are Wallingford Center, Pacific Place, Century Link Field and The Bravern.

I carried a box home with me on the plane and the TSA agent laughingly said to me that he needed to further inspect the box. And I didn’t even know that those people had a sense of humor!

Feel Good Foods Eggrolls | Triumph Dining Product Review

eggrollThis is our second review for Feel Good Foods. In the first post we reviewed their Chinese dumplings. Similar to dumplings, even at the rare Asian eateries that cater to gluten-free diners, dumplings and eggrolls are off the menu. Those of us who follow this diet have had to do without until now. Now, thanks to Feel Good Foods, we can easily make a gluten-free stir fry at home and pair it with rice and dumplings or eggrolls.

In this taste test we tried the chicken eggrolls and the veggie eggrolls, but they are also available with shrimp. Our taste testers found these eggrolls were comparable to non-gluten free eggroll options on the grocery store shelves. No one would have guessed these were gluten-free.

The baking instructions were easy and the eggrolls were hot inside in the amount of time indicated. (We did not try the pan fry method but directions for that are on the box also.) The outside wrapper on the eggrolls was crispy though not as browned as I would have expected. Both the chicken and the veggie varieties had lots of tasty, identifiable veggies in the mix. And the wrapper didn’t overpower the stuffing. The eggroll had a good flavor and texture overall.

The boxes contain three eggrolls, which could be an awkward number for a family of four. And while the dumplings we previously reviewed came with their own sauce packets, these did not.

Here are easy stir fry directions to pair with gluten-free eggrolls or dumplings for a quick weeknight meal:

-        In a mixing bowl whisk together and set aside:

  • ¼ cup gluten free soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons cooking sherry or white wine
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • Enough water to bring the total mixture to 1 cup

-        Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and drench with corn starch

-        Sauté chicken and veggies of your choosing until the chicken is cooked and veggies are at the desired crispness

-        Add sauce last

-        Serve over rice

Feel Good Foods Dumplings | Triumph Dining Product Review

vegetable-dumplingsEven at the restaurants that will prepare Asian dishes with gluten-free soy sauce and other gluten-free ingredients, the eggrolls and dumplings on their menu are usually not an option for most of us. Until now – well – at home at least.

Feel Good Foods makes gluten-free chicken dumplings and gluten free vegetable dumplings. These can be purchased from the frozen section of many retailers online from Gluten-Free Mall and cooked by you at home.  Click to continue reading »

RP’s Pasta | Triumph Dining Product Review

WFGF Fettuccine - artisticWhen people first go gluten free they’re logically concerned with what they’ll eat. They worry about having to find replacements for bread, crackers, cookies and pasta. Fortunately, pasta is an easy one because there are good gluten-free substitutes that an entire family can enjoy with gluten-eaters not noticing a difference.

Except for pasta salad. Until now I haven’t found a pasta that holds up and still tastes good cold. On a recent trip to Wisconsin I ran across RP’s Pasta in the refrigerated section. This certified gluten-free pasta was developed by Wisconsin chef Peter Robertson and uses California grown brown rice flour as its primary ingredient. Since the pasta is refrigerated and fresh, not dried in a box, it cooks up in about two minutes. It has the same al dente texture as traditional pasta and that texture holds up even when served cold the next day. It did wonderfully in my simple pasta salad.  Click to continue reading »