Bring On Those Black Beans: Getting the Gluten Out and Fiber In to Your GF Brownies!

By Bridget

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Gluten-free baking can be tricky. Between funky after tastes and too crumbly textures, there have certainly been times where I just want to throw in the towel and give up baked goods altogether.

Recently, however, I discovered how effective starch alternatives can be! Sneaking vegetables, beans, and fruits into baked goods has been a popular trend lately, especially among the healthy eating community. Although I was initially skeptical, I finally decided to do a baking experiment of my own, using black beans as a substitute for flour in brownies – and they were a success!

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Gluten-Free Caramel Apples from “And Love it Too” Blogger!

By Guest Blogger Sunny Busby (And Love it Too!)

I’m a firm believer that the best food is naturally gluten-free.

Whole fruits and vegetables, minimally processed meats, eggs and nuts are all naturally gluten-free, and my family thrives off a whole-foods diet.  It’s easier, it’s safer, and frankly, it’s nicer on both my waistline and my pocketbook.

And then comes the holidays. And birthday celebrations. And anniversaries. And school parties. And snacks at church on Sunday.

Did I mention the holidays?

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Recipe Ideas

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)


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No matter how old you are, carving scary faces into pumpkins is great fun. But what else can we do with pumpkins? We can eat them of course!

Here are some fun ideas for how to eat your leftover Halloween pumpkin. These popular orange squashes are naturally gluten-free and can be extremely delicious as part of a sweet or savory recipe.

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Emeril Lagasse Leading the Way in Gluten-Free Cooking

By Bridget

Although many are fed up with all of the gluten-free celebrity hype that has been taking over the headlines of gluten-free news, a recent headline may catch some attention. Emeril Lagasse, the famed restaurateur, chef, and TV personality, best known for catchphrases from “Bam!” to “Kick it up a notch!”, has been a supporter of the gluten-free community for over ten years for reasons very close to his heart – his two daughters. Both daughters were diagnosed with gluten intolerances back in 2001 and 2004, one of whom has full blown Celiac disease.

The women have been working together, along with the support of their dad, to write a gluten-free cookbook that brings all their favorite gluten-free meals and recipes in one book. In their new book, “The Gluten-Free Table: The Lagasse Girls Share Their Favorite Meals,” both Lagasse women have made it their mission to find gluten-free recipes that aren’t flavor-free or laced with a funky aftertaste. By using natural gluten-free flours – from almond flour for flourless Click to continue reading »

Interview with Peter Bronski – The Gluten-Free Edge

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

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Triumph Dining had the pleasure of speaking with Pete Bronski, ultra-marathoner and coauthor of several books. We spoke with Pete about himself, his relationship with gluten, his ultra-running and his new book, The Gluten-Free Edge.


Hi Pete, Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what you do….

I’m a married father of two beautiful girls, rapidly approaching my mid-thirties. In my work as a member of the gluten-free community, I’m cofounder of the blog, No Gluten, No Problem; coauthor of several books: Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking, Artisanal Gluten-Free Cupcakes, and The Gluten-Free Edge; and a spokesperson for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. I’m also a passionate endurance athlete focused on ultra-distance mountain and trail running, and an award-winning writer and editor.

When and how did you discover that gluten wasn’t your friend?

I’d been particularly sick for about two years, from 2005 until the beginning of 2007. Desperate for an answer (and hopefully, a diagnosis), I started seeing a holistic doctor in Colorado where we were living at the time. After describing my laundry list of symptoms and problems to him, he looked at me and said “Your problem is gluten.” To make a long story short, once I went strictly gluten-free, my health pulled a 180 and I felt better than I had in years.

What led you to believe that a gluten-free diet could provide an edge to athletes who don’t need to be gluten free?

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Keeping Play Dough Gluten-Free

By Bridget


Play dough can often seem like a staple to childhood. From trying to dye it different colors to form masterpiece after masterpiece, children are simple enamored with the pliable dough. Unfortunately, kids with Celiac disease can have some trouble using the common toy. As was discussed a couple of weeks ago, many of those with Celiac Disease suffer from topical reactions in their cosmetics, and children could be at risk for breakouts and rashes on their arms if they have severe allergies. Moreover, young children are so prone to putting things in their mouth, that they could accidentally ingest some of the play dough (leading to some serious unintended tummy troubles).

To keep your house (or even school!) safe, try making your own play dough! Your kids will love watching it form, make their own colors, and can play with the dough risk-free! Try out this gluten-free play dough recipe at home!

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4 Ways to Use Corn Tortillas

By Bridget

One of my favorite challenges with gluten-free eating has been exploring the versatility of commercially available products that just happen to be gluten-free! Corn tortillas are a great example of such gluten-free treasures!

  1. When you want homemade tortilla chips…

Cut corn tortillas into triangles or squares and fry some up in olive oil. Let the chips cool on a paper towel (to soak up the excess oil), sprinkle on some sea salt, and you have the best Mexican fare inspired snack.

  1. When you’re craving enchiladas…

In a casserole dish, layer corn tortillas with diced tomatoes, beans, chicken, and cheese (as you would with lasagna). Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees and you have a delicious gluten-free meal!

  1. When you need a “sandwich” on the go…

Use corn tortillas like bread to build your own sandwich to go! One of my biggest frustrations is trying to bring my meal with me, minus tons of cumbersome Tupperware. This way you can use cold cuts and cheese like anyone living a gluten-filled life!

  1. When you’re making a breakfast quiche…

Layer corn tortillas in a pie plate, using them as a gluten-free quiche crust. The tortillas will give nice structure and crunch to your breakfast dish.

Most corn tortillas are made from masa harina (dried corn treated with lime) and water. If you’re still feeling wary of commercial products, try making your own corn tortillas with this simple recipe (!

Add Wow to your Gluten-free Treats with Rose Water

Why do I insist on continually going grocery shopping when I’m hungry?

But the thing I’m most excited and perplexed about is the pretty glass vial of rose water I picked up. You’d think I’d know better by now. Sigh.

Even when you’re restricted to only the gluten-free items in the grocery store, there are still plenty of ways to get in trouble. Today’s visit to a local Greek-ish store yielded a few unneccesary purchases: chocolate-covered figs (already gone, forcibly shared with the rest of the office), tahini (but I’ll use it for salad dressing and falafel, so it’s OK), sun-dried red peppers, etc etc.

I had no idea what I’m going to do with it, of course, but that didn’t stop me.

Now, the brand I bought (pictured, Al Wadi Al Akhdar) doesn’t explicitly say gluten-free, however I was willing to take the chance given the ingredients list: water, concentrated rose water, natural rose flavors. Maybe I’ll run it through a GlutenTox test just to be sure.

Anyway. The point is, I got home, smelled it, got to researching, and then got totally excited to add rose water into my list of secret weapons that make gluten-free food taste and smell awesome.
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Gluten-free Snacks for After Soccer (or any Sport)

Are your little (or not-so-little) ones in pre-season right now? The school year is almost here, and with the first marking period come the first fall sports. Soccer, football, field hockey, track, tennis, cheerleading, volleyball, or any other sport — and I know I’m forgetting one or two — if your child is on a team, you’ll probably be thinking about snack time.

Orange wedge L1020044

Orange wedges are a great gluten-free snack for sports, but they aren't your only option

Of course every sport, township, and age range is different, but one thing that’s fairly consistent is the request that parents supply half-time and after-game snacks for the team. If your child is gluten-free, this can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, when it’s your turn to bring snacks you have a great opportunity to introduce tasty, healthy gluten-free treats to your child’s friends and teammates. On the other, you may find that every week is snack week for you — because your child may not be able to eat the gluten-full team snacks brought in by other parents (although given the prevalence of high-sugar, highly-processed convenience snacks, for some parents this may actually be a blessing in disguise).

Whether you’re making gluten-free after-sports snacks for one child or twenty, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some easy gluten-free snack ideas that will have your athletes feeling their best on the field (or court or track) and off.
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The Most Delicious Thing I Ate This Weekend: Walnut Oil

I was unexpectedly at TJ Maxx (or Marshall’s, I can’t remember now since they’re right next to each other and I went into both and I not-so-secretly think they are the same exact thing), and I popped over to the food aisle even though I didn’t need anything.

A quick aside: there are a surprising amount of gluten-free treats in the food aisle! Some brands I’d heard of and some I hadn’t, and it was a really pleasant surprise.

The thing that caught my eye, though, was a pretty canister of roasted walnut oil. It looked like this:

So pretty! How could I resist?

I got home, smelled it, daydreamed about the things it might taste good on, and got distracted and forgot to taste it. Silly me.

When I remembered, I went to the fridge and poured a spoonful for myself. Tentative sip. Tasty. Carefully I called on my inner pageant contestant (who knew she was even in there?) and managed to summon up enough balance to simultaneously hold half a tablespoon of oil without spilling and rummage through my fridge until I found something to pour the oil onto.

What I found was some leftover fruit salad: plum, nectarine, blueberry, strawberry, a weensy splash of mango juice. Topped with half a spoonful of walnut oil.

Only the thought of eating it again for breakfast kept me from immediately demolishing the entire bowl.
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