Gluten-free latkes, not just for Hanukkah

We threw a little party this weekend, just a casual excuse to get together with all those people you love but somehow never get a chance to see enough of. And an excuse to make latkes.


Sorry, didn't get a picture of the latkes. Did get a snap of the laser dreidel.

Ah, the humble latke. Harbinger of the Hanukkah holiday, holder of my heart, heavy with … apple sauce and sour cream. Some things just can’t be alliterated.

You certainly don’t have to celebrate Hanukkah to enjoy the traditional foods: those of the fried variety. The central message of the Festival of Lights, too, is apt regardless of your beliefs: it’s a time to celebrate the way that sometimes, despite all indications that you have less-than-enough, it turns out that you’re able to make it last until better times.

Tomorrow night is the first night of Hanukkah this year; if you aren’t sure what to make for dinner, may I suggest the latke?
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Recipe Friday: Cinnamon!

It’s Recipe Friday again!

I really need to come up with a better name. Hopefully those scrumptious photos make up for it.

Today’s duo of gluten-free recipes comes courtesy of the letter C, for cinnamon. Cinnamon Rolls and Cinnamon Chocolate Cookies. Oh yes.

According to the ever-knowledgable Wikipedia, cinnamon is native to Southeast Asia and was unknown to Europeans until the 16th century. Poor Chaucer, poor Dante, they never knew what they were missing.

Not only is cinnamon tasty, tradition hold it has numerous health benefits. It may lower blood sugar in people with diabetes, reduce inflammation, and/or serve as an antioxidant and bacteria-fighter.

All of which is to say, you should make these gluten-free recipes involving cinnamon. Now.
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Recipe Friday: Triple Snickerdoodles!

I am very excited to be launching a little something that — for lack of a better phrase — we are referring to as Recipe Friday.

(Sorry folks, but December is a hectic month! Maybe in January I’ll find a good pun to use instead.)

This would be exciting in any case, but it’s double-exciting because the recipes are coming from two charming and talented gluten-free ladies: Iris at The Daily Dietribe and Brittany at Real Sustenance.

Wait, let’s go one more: it’s triple exciting, because today we’re sharing snickerdoodle recipes. No one can say for sure where the term snickerdoodle originated, but it’s come to mean a cookie with a cinnamon-sugar topping. There are endless varieties, but we think these three are sure-fire winners:
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Gluten-Free Thanksgiving is Everywhere!

Thanksgiving turkeys We have a few things in the schedule for the next couple of days, and I suddenly realized that we hadn’t a single Thanksgiving post.


Hopefully by now you have your menu straight and you’ve either talked with your host or your guests about what having a gluten-free Thanksgiving entails (whether for one person or the whole table). If not, though, the Internet is absolutely awash in Thanksgiving ideas for you to feast upon. The following is a bit of a meta-roundup, if you will. The favorite tasty morsels from my favorite Internet celebrities,  for your reading/cooking/eating pleasure.
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How about them apples? Baked apples make a gluten-free fall treat

This is my first Halloween in Pittsburgh since college. I’m excited. I’m dressing up as Carmen Sandiego, if I can just find the right red hat.

I’m also going to a friend’s for dinner and the handing-out of candy to neighborhood children. Pretty psyched for that, especially because it’s on me to bring dessert.

At the table: a vegan, a picky eater, gluten-free me (and a few omnivores). Instantly, baked apples came to mind. I love baked apples not just because they’re gluten-free, but because you can make them as decadent or as healthy as you want, you can make one or ten, they’re already portioned out, and they taste like fall.
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Gluten-Free Halloween: a Piece of (Spooky) Cake

Zombie Pumpkins, or kids on a sugar high?

Halloween! It’s almost here. Are you dressing up? Are your kids?

On the surface, Halloween can be a tough time to be gluten-free — but as our numbers grow, so do the resources available for creating a safe, happy Halloween.

First and foremost: gluten-free candy. Thanks to Heidi for posting a list of lists on Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom. Some of those lists include spooky lunchbox ideas and other fun goodies, so be sure to give a read.

Even if you have a list from last year, take a minute to go through these; ingredients can change — for better or for worse — and taking 5 minutes now will get your trick-or-treaters 5 minutes closer to chowing down in a few weeks.
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Digging Deeper Into Gluten-Free Options: Acorns?!

When I saw the title of the article in the San Francisco Chronicle, I really thought it was a joke. Someone making fun of the trend towards eating “new” strange things.

Acorns? Puh-leeze.

Except, it wasn’t a joke. Anywhere where oak trees grow, people really do eat acorns; they gather them, process them, dry them, cook with them. It seems like a lot of work, but acorns are gluten-free so I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the info.
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Researchers Tinker With Gluten-Free Chestnut Flour; You Should Too

Not just for roasting on an open fire...

So, OK, I know researchers aren’t hard at work developing gluten-free flour solely for the joy of it. There’s money involved too (about $2.6 billion worth).

But I still get a kick out of the lengths scientists are going to in order to feed me delicious things. Well, not just me. You too.

Today’s study focuses on chestnut flour, which is of course made from naturally gluten-free chestnuts. Researchers in Spain have busted out the heavy machinery in order to figure out exactly how to tweak chestnut flour into a gluten-free baking substitute.

Their answer? Guar gum.
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Apple Cider Recipes for a Gluten-Free Autumn

Bushel of ApplesI guess it’s fall.

I’ve been fighting it, but alas: summer is over, at least in Pittsburgh.

The down comforter is back on my bed (and, OK, so is the electric mattress pad). The windows at home? Most of the time, they’re mostly closed. The peaches and nectarines are fighting for shelf space with apples and pears.

Ah yes. Apples and pears. At least there’s fall food to look forward to.

For today, let’s focus on apple cider. Not only will you be hard-pressed to find a cider that isn’t gluten-free (get it?! Pressed!!), but cider’s got lots of antioxidants, it’s often easy to find a local variety, and it’s delicious.
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New Word, Old Food: Gluten-Free Vegetable Tian

You know what I love?

Yes, yes, OK. You’re right, I DO love puppies, rainbows, and ice cream. But I also love shiny new words – especially when they just dress up something I’m already kind of familiar with.

So you can imagine my delight when I learned the word tian. Huh? According to Slashfood, a tian is a, “layered, baked vegetable dish that originated in Provence but is also common to city kitchens…Unlike a gratin, a tian does not include bread crumbs or cheese, which allows the juices in the vegetables to evaporate in the oven’s dry heat, concentrating their flavors.”

Some sources disagree with Slashfood’s ban on bread crumbs and cheese, others say it’s simply a cognate of the word tagine, and others still add eggs – in any event, tian is a fancy word for gluten-free, delicious veggies.
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