Noglu: Gluten-Free in Paris

nogluParis in the springtime. Who can resist? Who can resist Paris anytime of the year, actually?!

In a city known for its pastries, Noglu is a gem, conveniently located in the 2nd. Click to continue reading »

Cookies by Design | Triumph Dining

IMG_2974Have you ever received a Cookies by Design bouquet? They are staple gifts in our family and we’ve used them as centerpieces for Thanksgiving dinners, baby showers and birthday parties. And, to be honest, we’ve actually just gone into the store and bought some to eat, too, as they’re that tasty.

Now these cookie bouquets are available gluten-free! The official Triumph Dining taste testers compared gluten-filled to gluten-free and we are pleased to let you know that while the cookies don’t taste exactly the same, the gluten-free ones are very good.

Take a look at the bouquet options and then consider your flavor choices: sugar, chocolate ship, white chocolate macadamia nuts and “millionaire”. What we like best about these cookies is the look – they come in hundreds of shapes and are beautifully decorated and can be personalized.  Click to continue reading »

Nothing Bundt Cakes | Triumph Dining

Nothing_bundt_cakes“Why don’t you bring desert?”

Does this request from a hostess send you into a state of frustration? Sure you could bake something gluten-free but that would require a trip to the store plus the time to bake. You could always play it cool and bring something like a fruit salad. It’s healthy and sort of dessert, right? But in the dead of winter in the Midwest, where I live, the fruit that’s out this time of year isn’t that appealing. Click to continue reading »

Dunkin’ Donuts Pulls Gluten-Free Items from Lineup | Triumph Dining

dunkinLast June, celiacs and gluten-free eaters rejoiced as Dunkin’ Donuts rolled out a big campaign to announce that they would soon be adding two GF items, a cinnamon sugar donut and a blueberry muffin, to their menus nationwide. Nearly six months later, DD is quietly canceling those plans and scrapping the idea as a whole.  Click to continue reading »

Seattle’s Thrive Cafe | Triumph Dining Review

freshrolls_menu-e1383983059351-1024x678I stumbled upon this gem in Seattle’s Roosevelt District while on that previously mentioned business trip. Seattle, by the way, is a huge foodie city. And it’s green, too, in more ways than one.

Thrive’s menu has something for everyone, especially if you have extreme food allergies. They serve whole foods and those without soy, dairy, gluten, corn, eggs and peanuts. This place serves up some great vegetarian chow in the Pacific Northwest. Click to continue reading »

Trophy Cupcakes | Triumph Dining Review

Trophy-Cupcakes-and-Party2I woke up Monday morning in Seattle, a beautiful, foodie city. After a crazy morning of meetings I found myself at Trophy Cupcakes in the University District and looking at a beautiful three-tier display of gluten-free goodies.

While the Seattle-based cupcake shop does not have a dedicated gluten-free baking facility, they do take general preventative measures to prevent cross-contamination. So, be careful if and when you go.

Each day they feature three gluten-free cupcakes amidst their lineup of regular cupcakes. Yesterday I found Red Velvet, Chocolate Vanilla and Cherries Jubilee

Trophy was founded in 2007 by Jennifer Shea and her husband Michael Williamson. Jennifer is a life-long baker and party-maker, winning accolades as early as age eight, in the form of 4-H blue ribbons for her grandma’s pumpkin roll.

The storefront is adorable and Jennifer bakes with European chocolate, Madagascar bourbon vanilla and local sweet cream butter. They are finished with hand-piped buttercream, rich French sprinkles and happy decorations.

Their other Seattle locations are Wallingford Center, Pacific Place, Century Link Field and The Bravern.

I carried a box home with me on the plane and the TSA agent laughingly said to me that he needed to further inspect the box. And I didn’t even know that those people had a sense of humor!

Gluten-Free Food Trucks | Triumph Dining

50941a31-7c78-4921-87ef-042446204482By all accounts, Food Trucks became even more popular in 2013 than they did in 2012. For people who live gluten-free, this is a fabulous thing. If you live in cities served by Food Trucks you have some tasty, safe options that you might not have previously considered.

In New York, The Squeeze Truck (@TheSqueezeTruck) provides choices such as moc n’ cheese, a sprouted quinoa pasta with raw cashew cheddar cheese, and an open faced meatloaf sandwich.

Another New York option is The Taim Mobile (@TaimMobile) for filling Middle-Eastern lunch options, with their falafel as the star. Click to continue reading »

Freshii | Triumph Dining Review

freshiiI’ve been enjoying finding all the lunch options near my employer’s new location. I hit the gluten-free jackpot when I stopped in at freshii. Not only does the menu include a number of gluten-friendly salads, smoothies and bowls (brown rice or rice noodles) but they even toss each order in its own bag so you know the dressing from the previous salad won’t mix with yours.

The freshii I visit is downtown Chicago but they have a number of locations across the US and in six additional countries.

At the location near me you can choose a salad, rice noodle bowl or brown rice bowl with your choice of ingredients. They have wraps, too. Their traditional wraps are not gluten-free but in certain seasons they will wrap your meal in greens if that appeals to you.  Click to continue reading »

Roti Mediterranean Grill | Triumph Dining Review

rotiGrowing up, my friends and I liked this one pita place so much that we’d be the first ones there when it opened. We knew the servers by name and they knew our order. I still like Mediterranean food but once I went gluten free, it meant skipping the pita and certain other dishes I used to enjoy.

I have found a new love in Roti Mediterranean Grill. Not only do they offer fast, tasty Mediterranean food, but they also provide gluten-free pita bread. (It does contain honey, almond meal, yeast and egg whites, in case you have further restrictions).

When you arrive at Roti, you have the choice of a sandwich, rice plate or salad. From there you choose the main protein or topping: chicken, steak, salmon or vegetarian, all of which are gluten-free except the Click to continue reading »

A Tale of Two Restaurants | Triumph Dining

Out to eat a lot photoEither with my family, colleagues, or clients, I go out to eat a lot. Sticking to a gluten-free diet means I need to do a little more leg work before trying a new restaurant.

I recently planned a dinner for my work team. Aside from my food restrictions we also have a person on the team with a soy and nut allergy and someone who does not eat beef. Planning for one food allergy is hard enough but it gets even more complicated when there are multiple restrictions and taste preferences.

I called ahead to the restaurant to make sure they could accommodate our special needs. I asked about the types of cooking oils they used and whether they have a gluten-free menu. The cooking oils were all fine for my soy-allergic boss but they do not publish a gluten-free menu. The person on the phone, however, assured me they could accommodate our needs and took down our food restrictions in the reservation notes. Click to continue reading »