Feel Good Foods Eggrolls | Triumph Dining Product Review

eggrollThis is our second review for Feel Good Foods. In the first post we reviewed their Chinese dumplings. Similar to dumplings, even at the rare Asian eateries that cater to gluten-free diners, dumplings and eggrolls are off the menu. Those of us who follow this diet have had to do without until now. Now, thanks to Feel Good Foods, we can easily make a gluten-free stir fry at home and pair it with rice and dumplings or eggrolls.

In this taste test we tried the chicken eggrolls and the veggie eggrolls, but they are also available with shrimp. Our taste testers found these eggrolls were comparable to non-gluten free eggroll options on the grocery store shelves. No one would have guessed these were gluten-free.

The baking instructions were easy and the eggrolls were hot inside in the amount of time indicated. (We did not try the pan fry method but directions for that are on the box also.) The outside wrapper on the eggrolls was crispy though not as browned as I would have expected. Both the chicken and the veggie varieties had lots of tasty, identifiable veggies in the mix. And the wrapper didn’t overpower the stuffing. The eggroll had a good flavor and texture overall.

The boxes contain three eggrolls, which could be an awkward number for a family of four. And while the dumplings we previously reviewed came with their own sauce packets, these did not.

Here are easy stir fry directions to pair with gluten-free eggrolls or dumplings for a quick weeknight meal:

-        In a mixing bowl whisk together and set aside:

  • ¼ cup gluten free soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons cooking sherry or white wine
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • Enough water to bring the total mixture to 1 cup

-        Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and drench with corn starch

-        Sauté chicken and veggies of your choosing until the chicken is cooked and veggies are at the desired crispness

-        Add sauce last

-        Serve over rice

Feel Good Foods Dumplings | Triumph Dining Product Review

vegetable-dumplingsEven at the restaurants that will prepare Asian dishes with gluten-free soy sauce and other gluten-free ingredients, the eggrolls and dumplings on their menu are usually not an option for most of us. Until now – well – at home at least.

Feel Good Foods makes gluten-free chicken dumplings and gluten free vegetable dumplings. These can be purchased from the frozen section of many retailers online from Gluten-Free Mall and cooked by you at home.  Click to continue reading »

Secret Ingredient Cookies | Triumph Dining

cookiejarThere’s something about the change of seasons that drives people into their kitchens to bake.

I came across this Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe when reading Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. In that book she chronicles the life of her family on their year-long quest to eat only food they could grow on their own or trade for locally. In it she talks about the time of year when squash is so plentiful that neighbors will leave baskets of it at each others’ doors for lack of any other ideas on what to do with it.

In the book, her hidden ingredient cookies passed the taste test of kids who didn’t know about the zucchini. I thought I’d try it out on my own kids, modifying the recipe to use a gluten-free flour, of course. I also use one or two zucchini, whatever I need to use up. Click to continue reading »

RP’s Pasta | Triumph Dining Product Review

WFGF Fettuccine - artisticWhen people first go gluten free they’re logically concerned with what they’ll eat. They worry about having to find replacements for bread, crackers, cookies and pasta. Fortunately, pasta is an easy one because there are good gluten-free substitutes that an entire family can enjoy with gluten-eaters not noticing a difference.

Except for pasta salad. Until now I haven’t found a pasta that holds up and still tastes good cold. On a recent trip to Wisconsin I ran across RP’s Pasta in the refrigerated section. This certified gluten-free pasta was developed by Wisconsin chef Peter Robertson and uses California grown brown rice flour as its primary ingredient. Since the pasta is refrigerated and fresh, not dried in a box, it cooks up in about two minutes. It has the same al dente texture as traditional pasta and that texture holds up even when served cold the next day. It did wonderfully in my simple pasta salad.  Click to continue reading »

Chic Naturals | Triumph Dining Product Review

untitled4If you like chickpeas, you’ll love these fantastic chickpea snacks from Chic Naturals. I’m a huge chickpea fan myself and I’ve tried making my own snacks a few times but the results were never half as delicious as the snacks these guys have created!

Chic Naturals are a family owned and operated business. They started their line of delicious, crunchy chickpea snacks when their family developed their own allergen-free needs. High quality ingredients are used in all of their products and the most exciting part is that they are made in a dedicated nut and gluten-free facility on beautiful Maui.

Flavored Chickpea Snacks come in five great flavors:

  • Spicy BBQ
  • Maui Mocha
  • Sweet Citrus
  • Sea Salt & Herbs
  • Chocolate Crunch

Click to continue reading »

Brazi Bites | Triumph Dining Product Review

Brazi Bites Product Line - Original, Jalapeno & baconThis week we tried Brazi Snacks and they are crazy delicious! Brazi Snacks are an all-natural, gluten-free cheese bread snack, which comes in three yummy flavors: Original, Jalapeño and Bacon!

I’ve never been much of a bread fan, and even less so now that most bread is trying to kill me, but these cheesy breads are fantastic. They come frozen and ready to bake in bags of around 20 small cheese breads. Just bake them for around 20 minutes and they will become golden and ready to enjoy. Click to continue reading »

Gluten-Free Food Trucks | Triumph Dining

50941a31-7c78-4921-87ef-042446204482By all accounts, Food Trucks became even more popular in 2013 than they did in 2012. For people who live gluten-free, this is a fabulous thing. If you live in cities served by Food Trucks you have some tasty, safe options that you might not have previously considered.

In New York, The Squeeze Truck (@TheSqueezeTruck) provides choices such as moc n’ cheese, a sprouted quinoa pasta with raw cashew cheddar cheese, and an open faced meatloaf sandwich.

Another New York option is The Taim Mobile (@TaimMobile) for filling Middle-Eastern lunch options, with their falafel as the star. Click to continue reading »

I Heart Keenwah | Triumph Dining Product Review

i-heart-keenwah-bigI Heart Keenwah makes little square snack clusters with quinoa, fruit and nuts. The texture is similar to a nut brittle and is made, in small batches, with 100% organic, toasted quinoa. Tapioca syrup is the binder, along with honey and raw sugar depending on the flavor. All products are gluten-free tested and certified. I’m partial to the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor but also worth trying are Almond, Cranberry Cashew and Ginger Peanut.  Click to continue reading »

Freshii | Triumph Dining Review

freshiiI’ve been enjoying finding all the lunch options near my employer’s new location. I hit the gluten-free jackpot when I stopped in at freshii. Not only does the menu include a number of gluten-friendly salads, smoothies and bowls (brown rice or rice noodles) but they even toss each order in its own bag so you know the dressing from the previous salad won’t mix with yours.

The freshii I visit is downtown Chicago but they have a number of locations across the US and in six additional countries.

At the location near me you can choose a salad, rice noodle bowl or brown rice bowl with your choice of ingredients. They have wraps, too. Their traditional wraps are not gluten-free but in certain seasons they will wrap your meal in greens if that appeals to you.  Click to continue reading »

Peace Love & Crumble Muffins | Triumph Dining Product Review

peacelovecrumbleDo you find breakfast or brunch as challenging? I really love eggs and omelets and can usually subside on those, or my previously blogged about yogurt and granola mainstay  but on weekend mornings with the family I get a little bored with the usual standbys.

This morning I decided to give Ginny Bakes “Peace, love & crumble muffins” a try. I had all the ingredients that the mix called for on hand: 1 egg, butter, Greek yogurt, vanilla and muffin tins. The mix directions were straight forward and the muffins only needed about 25 minutes to bake so they were easy to pull together on a wintery Sunday. Click to continue reading »