Dear Starbucks,

I am writing to request that you bring back the gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake.  It’s so hard to find good, safe gluten-free options. Having a gluten-free treat at Starbucks was an enormous win for me personally, and the community at large. Starbucks is known for its community involvement, and having the gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake really hammered that home for the gluten-free community.  It’s sad to see the cake disappear such a short time later, without any real explanation.

We thank you for your kind consideration.


We’ve put this petition together to convince Starbucks to bring the Valencia Orange Cake back. We’re going to collect 5,000 signatures and present the petition to Starbucks.


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  1. If you can’t bring back the orange cake, at least offer something else! The Kind bars are no substitute for cake!

  2. Yes, PLEASE bring back the GF cake or another option. My daughter doesn’t have GF issues, but does have wheat allergies and this is the easiest option for us. PLEASE, with a cherry on top!

  3. I would become a regular customer again if you had gluten free options. That’s what made you special for me. Now you’re like eveybody else. Please reconsider.

  4. Please don’t discontinue the Valencia Orange cake! Our son is Celiac and so looks forward to this treat at Starbucks!! Kind Bars are not a substitute for cake!!

  5. On vacation I was able to buy coffee and cake (Valencia Orange Cake) at Starbuck’s like everyone else. I will miss it terribly. Please bring it back.

  6. Kind bars are not a substitute for cake. I want a yummy treat when I go to Starbucks, like everyone else. Not a Kind Bar.

  7. I am Celiac and own a restaurant that offers a lot of gluten /allergen free offerings. If I discontinued my line of offerings I would go out of business. We in the celiac community have a hard enough time trying to eat out without a major chain taking the time to research and develop an offering and then take it away. I really don’t think you are going to appreciate the press on your decision to to discontinue the GF cake.

  8. Yes, my daughter and I always got the orange muffin every time we found them at a Starbucks. I was disappointed that all Starbucks did not carry them and now I find out that they may be totally discontinued. Very disappointing. Having the cake available was the main reason I started going back to Starbucks.

  9. My son is 5 years old, on a WFGF diet (Aspergers) and calmly said, “I want that cake, I really want it. Can we just pay more money for it?” Please find a few more great options.

  10. Wow how horribly disappointing. This cake worked great for impromptu events and bday parties where my son attended. Bummer, that they think a Kind bar is a decent substitute. So, I guess it’s back to NO GF at Starbucks again and our family NEVER going there again. We’re bummed. For once we could feel somewhat normal like everyone else and now we can’t go to Starbucks for treats anymore.

  11. This cake was the only reason I went to Starbucks! Guess I’ll have to give my business to a store that values ALL of their customers.

  12. Please continue to offer the Valencia orange cake. Those of us with celiac like to be able to enjoy a morning muffin with the rest of our friends.

  13. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep offering your gluten free Orange cake, I am a manufacturer of Gluten free products and I LOVED the DELICIOUS gluten free option when I ordered my coffee! :) My entire family are REGULAR customers of Starbucks (one was an employee for a summer ) and all 5 of us are gluten intorelant (its genetic) it was SUCH A JOY to be able to purchase the cake instead of bringing something from home :) PLEASE reconsider, there are a whole lot of people just like us!

  14. i have bought 6 in the past week at my starbucks on glendale blvd, silverlake, los angeles. I have probably bought 20 in the past month or two. and they were only available in the evening. never in the morning. not enough room in the case. i eat em for breakfast. they are dee-lish-us. you gave it, what, 3 months to sink or swim? and one e-mail to promote it? why did you bother? why not dump the biscotti? or the chocolate? or half the gluten. or the many coffee flavors that don’t sell. and while you’re at it, the coffee cups and mugs and thermos items are way overpriced. oh and can we just forget the useless cds once and for all?

  15. I was so sad when the disappeared from the case. I feel they didn’t have enough time for word to get around. Before they appeared I never went to Starbucks because there was nothing there for me to eat with my coffee. Please bring them back.

  16. It is so sad that Starbuck’s is going to discontinue the GF cake. It’s so depressing to go out to eat and not have many options. I am disappointed that 1 more option was taken away. A GI doctor once told me that Celiac’s disease is now the most diagnosed illness, it would be nice if the rest of the “regular” community would catch up. EEG

  17. Those of us with Celiac Disease have such few pasty/cake options given most bakery treats have flour in them. If you can please bring back the gluten free valencia orange cake, I can honestly say we (those who are gluten free) would greatly appreciate it!

  18. Hi,
    I really wish you could have coached employees on proper advertising for this goodie. At each Starbucks where I was, four of them I think, only one had the cake displayed in the case with the “gluten free” tag clearly labelled. If a sign had been put up on the wall, or door, saying that a gluten free offering was now available, I think the response to this goodie would have been tremendous. Great flavor, great price!

  19. Th cake may be fattening, but it tastes great and it’s all we’ve got! Otherwise I’m drooling watching someone else eat their pastry with no options.

  20. Just when I put Starbucks on my coffee break agenda, you’ve pulled the plug. Having a safe and delicious treat at a major outlet was a real boon to me and my friends who have gluten intolerance. We finally had a place to congregate in comfort knowing we could enjoy a treat with confidence. With other mainstream major manufacturers (e.g., General Mills, Anheuser-Busch) recognizing the market out there for gluten free products, I’m surprised that Starbucks is taking this step backwards.

  21. My daily routine had become, stop by Starbucks, get my tea and the gluten free cake, without the cake, what’s the use for me to go in?……That was my pull to go into Starbucks!!! The new strategy in business nowadays is a win-win solution and not a one sided “I win”. More and more research is now showing that more people have an allergy to or are sensitive to gluten. Starkbucks be a leader and bring back the gluten free cake. The gluten free market is the fastest growing market in the US, tap into this growing niche and see how you will benefit, a win-win solution. I know the first few weeks the cakes were introduced, they flew off the shelves!!

  22. Dear Starbucks,

    I am writing to request that you bring back the gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake.

    If possible reforumulate it without the tree nuts so that those with nut allergies can also enjoy it.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

  23. I liked the GF orange cake better than most of the pastry options at Starbuck’s. Please bring it back–it had become part of my daily Starbuck’s fix.

  24. I was sooo excited to read that Starbucks had a gluten-free option, but it’s gone before I had a chance to try it. We need a gluten-free option!!!!

  25. Another reason not to go to Starbucks! Ignoring this growing segment of the population is short-sighted and insulting to all customers. If they must eliminate the cake, why not add muffins or biscotti which would have less sugar, less calories but be equally satisfying? This is outrageous from such a large company. Gives me another reason to go after Dunkin Donuts to start providing something! Starbucks isn’t the only game in town! bah-humbug!!!

  26. It was so great to be able to meet with frineds or just stop in and have a cup of coffee and enjoy a gf cake, this is so rare and most people would not think too much about it but when you can’t walk into a place and have a delicious treat with a cup of coffee(without bringing it in your purse) it is a big deal. It is the little things that mean so much. Please return the cake.

  27. I go to Starbucks at least 3 times a week and didn’t even know that they offered a gluten free muffin. Maybe it was more of a lack of advertising it than lack of interest. I’m so sad that they are discontinuing it before I even had a chance to have it. The same thing happened with the sugar free chocolate syrup. Never new they had it until they decided to get rid of it. If they just put it up on a chalk board “Now serving gluten free muffins!” They should talk to whole foods for their gluten free cherry almond streusel muffin. It’s to die for. They just keep them in the freezer. No waste. My non-gluten free friends love them too. They have mass appeal. Please bring back something gluten free!

  28. Bring back a GF option! If not the cake, how about a brownie? With more and more people on special diets, offering a variety of specialized products can only increase your loyal customer base.

  29. I didn’t go to Starbucks for several years until they started offering this cake. I bought three the first day, and tried to go as often as possible to get more. Without the gluten-free cake, I have no reason to visit. Frankly, other places in my area offer better coffee and have gluten-free options to boot.

    A gluten-free bar is not a substitute. I can get those at the store, and any person with a gluten intolerance will have one in their bag on a regular basis anyway. Bring back the fresh-baked GF goods, and market it! If you are doing a new recipe, try something that has even fewer allergens so that more people are able to eat it. Thanks for the effort on behalf of the gluten-free community!

  30. If I’m hungry as well as in need of coffee, I go to Tully’s because they carry some gluten-free. It’s not an option for me. Please bring back some gluten-free.

  31. Bring them back—they are tasty, fairly low in calories and a great
    snack to enjoy with others while sipping your coffee!!

  32. It is so nice to have a gluten free option at Starbucks. It is so hard, being a celiac, when the barista asks me if I want a pastry. They all look so good, but I can’t eat what you offer. So I always have to say “No thanks.” It is also hard when you go with friends to Starbucks to relax and have coffee and you can’t indulge with your friends as they have goodies and coffee. You are so good to the people of this planet and to the communitees that live in the different Starbuck areas – so please don’t alienate those who cannot eat gluten. Thank you for listening.

  33. I am gluten free, as well as dairy, corn and potato, so it was great to finally find something that didn’t have any of that stuff in it-my 2 1/2 yo absolutely loved the muffins as well! And he see everyone around him eating cookies, cakes, doughnuts, etc-it’s so hard trying to explain to him he’ll be sick if he eats it!

  34. My entire support group was to have met at Starbucks to enjoy the Valencia Cake. Not only will that NOT happen but I didn’t get the chance to try it! Why spend all that time and money on R and D and not give the product time to be experienced by the consumers? I don’t care for Starbucks coffee but if there was something to draw me, in no matter where I find myself in the country, I would go. I would agree to meet others there, become a loyal patron. Starbucks has already lost what little loyality I have for them. I join my Celiac counterparts in disappointment!

  35. Why not increase the selection! I find myself watching other people eat. When there is a choice I can relax and enjoy myself. Starbucks should want me as a paying costumer.

  36. I enjoy good coffee. And so on the one hand, it is an incentive for me to go to Starbucks when it has a gluten-free option, but on the other it is actually a reason to avoid Starbucks if I am surrounded only by foods I cannot eat.

  37. I won’t go back to Starbuck;’s at all if they remove the gf cake. I can buy Kind bars much more cheaply in bulk, anyway, and just carry one in my purse, and go to McD’s for coffee or tea. (Not that I really would want to eat Kind bars, they’re horribly dry, which is probably the real reason–that way, you’ll drink MORE coffee.)

  38. Pleeeeease, pleeeese, pleeeese bring back the GF cake. One is 133 people have gluten intolerance and need a place to sit down and enjoy a delicious treat with our coffee and feel like we belong to the rest of the world.

  39. Please bring back the Gluten Free Valencia Orange Cake. We need some choices for people who are Gluten Intolerant. Please listen to our voice! Thank you!

  40. Please bring back the gluten free cake. It was so nice to be able to have a treat with coffee and not have to pack it. Bring it back!

  41. The Starbucks in Bridgewater, NJ still has it.
    I had it only 2 weeks ago (7/09).
    That cake is sticky, but yummy.

  42. Starbucks, you’re amazing…please do make your coffee shops one more place I cannot eat! KEEP THE CAKE!

  43. I have never seen gf snacks at the Starbucks in my area, nor have I seen at Starbucks in airports and hotels when traveling. I would buy.

  44. I was THRILLED to see a GF option at Starbucks, it was long overdue. And now it’s gone? Bring *something* back, we’re a big market!

  45. I’m sorry to hear that Starbucks has eliminated the GF cake from their menu.
    I will be seeking out an independent coffee house with a GF treat option.

  46. I loved the cake, and went to starbucks just to get it, with a grand soy decaf latte. i am very disappointed in starbucks for pulling it off the shelf. Please bring back the orange valencia gluten free cake!!!!!! Maybe you shouldn’t advertise it as gluten free, just write in on there after the ingredients, so people who don’t need to eat gluten free won’t think it doesn’t taste good (it was delicious) and the gf will get the word out and everyone will enjoy it and it will be more profitable for you. I’m assuming that’s why you pulled it, it wasn’t profitable enough, is that correct?

  47. I went to several Starbucks looking for this cake! None had it. Guess I’ll go back to getting my coffee elsewhere. You just lost another customer.

  48. I never stand the logic in alienating a group of customers who have proven time and time again that they are willing to pay way more than the average customer for something they like, and also are more loyal than other customers.

  49. Oops, “understand.” :)

    By the way, I hope Triumph Dining passes along these blog comments when they hand in the petition!

  50. The pastries you sell at Starbucks are all delicious. Few, if any, are all that nutritious, so why would you want to deprive your gluten-sensitive customers of the same joys that the others enjoy by offering such a flimsy excuse for discontinuing the Valencia Orange cupcake? Please bring this wonderful treat back to your stores!
    Thank you.

  51. For years and years now I have been unable to eat at your restaurant. In the past my friends ask where I can go for a quick cup of coffee or tea and a bite to eat and I tell them, “no where”, that is until you introduced a cake that was gluten free. Now it is gone. Why??? The word was just getting out there and it is gone. Again, Why introduce the g/f cake then take it away from us?

  52. It sure would be nice to take mywife to Starbucks and have some Gluten Free Valencia Orange Cake with Starbucks coffee !

  53. Please let us have the opportunity as other folks do to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a delicious snack! It is not too often we can stop by and enjoy a treat without anticipating the thoughts “is this a safe gluten free product’?
    Please bring back our independence to stop and get a coffee and snack..


  54. Please bring back the orange cake. We are limited in our choices when we go out to eat. It is a huge deal to find a place that has gluten free items and takes care of us. And for you, as a company, it is a GUARANTEE that when we find a place that offers gluten free products, WE WILL BE BACK.



  55. I am not much of a coffee drinker but I was going to Starbucks on a regular basis and drinking coffee to go along with the Valencia Orange cake. I loved it!

  56. It was great when Starbucks offered a Gluten-Free cake for the growing population of celiac people. Nice that Starbucks cared for us. If it is an item that doesn’t sell well, perhaps you can offer it as a seasonal cake. Celiacs rarely have a treat that tastes good, and your Valencia Orange Cake was delicious. Please reconsider, and bring back your Valencia Orange Cake.

  57. I was so happy to know that I could go to Starbucks and get something to eat with my coffee. When traveling or on the run, I have no other choice for a quick gluten-free snack. However, if you discontinue the Valencia Orange Cake, will be back at Pete’s for my coffee.

  58. Please bring back the gluten free orange cake. It is wonderful to know we can stop at Starbuck’s and purchase a gluten free snack while we travel the USA. Also airport Staubucks can be our 1st choice over the Hagn Das ice cream!

  59. I just found out about the cakes two weeks ago and have had 3 already, I love them. Please keep them in your stores. They are delicious, and I can’t say that about too many GF cakes or cookies.

  60. The orange cakes were quite good. The Kind bars you want to
    “substitute” are also good but NO way will replace the muffins, which
    certainly go better with the coffees.

  61. Please bring the cake back. I don’t suffer from celiacs, but have a son that does. It is very difficult for them to find gluten-free foods anywhere. It is nice when they can go to a restaurant and have a gluten-free choice.

  62. I have only been able to find this cake twice. Every other time I asked I was either told they were coming (never did) or they had them the first week, but didn’t sell so they threw them out and were not ordering anymore. They were not well promoted or displayed in our area and it was incredibly frustrating. If they’re not selling well, that’s why!!! My kids were very excited to have this option because it would have been something easy to take to B-day parties etc. Unfortunately, all they got was 1/4 of one cake and w/ the discontinuation it looks like that’s all they’ll get.

    The product was exciting, but why wasn’t it promoted/displayed better?

  63. I live right behind a Starbucks and get these cakes a couple times a week. Please don’t D/C them! It’s so nice to be able to get one of the pastries with a cup of coffee! And if possible…. please add more GF foods!

  64. Not a Starbucks fan but the orange cakes could have changed my taste.
    Why don’t you discontinu all cakes ?

  65. I didn’t care for the Orange Cake – too sweet and mushy for a breakfast food. Obviously there was too much waste or Starbucks wouldnt have discontinued it. If we want to have major corporations meet our needs, we need to support the effort with our wallets along with our comments. How many people are just signing this petition but never went and bought the Orange Cake? Let’s tell Starbucks what we would buy, and what they could provide that wouldn’t be as perishable or unhealthy.

  66. It was great to be able to get a GF pastry at Starbuck’s on my daily venture into the local store. But I do agree with Connie (above) that the pastry was a bit sticky and gooey and quite high in calories. Frankly, I stopped buying it for that reason. However, getting a lower calorie, healthier gluten free pastry at Starbuck’s would be wonderful.

  67. Please consider bringing back a gluten free tasty treat to go with the cup of coffee I like to buy at my favorite Starbucks in the Mall where I work. It was such a treat to be able to finally buy something = we Gluten Intolerants always feel so left out.

  68. Looks like another store/restaurant that won’t be getting my business. If we can’t have gluten free options, we move on down the line until we find somebody who has them. Our numbers are growing, and we need your help!

  69. Starbucks ‘WHAT ARE YOU THINKING’?????
    You should be adding more foods, not taking away GF products

  70. Dear, Starbucks, I’ve been asking at Stop & Shop for the last few weeks when is Starbucks coming with the GF cake??? I was anxious to try the cake with my coffee, but i guess i’ll never have the chance to do so now.
    Very unhappy in Scituate, R.I.

  71. Please rethink this matter and keep the gluten free Orange Cake for those people who need a choice in desserts.

  72. In addition to your environmentally sound practices that include selcting shade-grown coffees and utilizing recyclabe materials, please provide an agreeable environment to those whose dietary restrictions allows them to consume gluten-free products. You will provide a great service and increase your customer base in a very competitive business.

  73. Please bring it back. Have you read the article in Scientic American about Celiac. Maybe 1/2 of the people that work at Starbucks has Celiac. Andre Martin

  74. Please bring back the Valencia Orange Cakes. I finally was able to eat at Starbucks when my friends got delicious snacks, and for you to take this away from me (and replace it with those unappetizing “fruit and nut” bars) is unconscionable.

  75. If you remove a gluten free product from starbucks you have a moral obligation to replace it with another gluten free product, gluten freepeople need something to eat at your establishment.

  76. Please bring back the gluten-free cake! For the very first time ever, my kids were able to have a treat when we went out for coffee. They were ecstatic– please don’t take that away!

  77. The Starbucks orange cake was the first sweet I had on my gluten free diet, which I started in Apr. I thought I had died & gone to heaven!! It was super delicious & I had a very dear friend who spotted it & brought it back to me. She was so amazed to find anything @ Starbucks that was gluten free.

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! reconsider keeping this delightful cake treat on you menu. Thank you so much. Mary

  78. I haven’t tasted the gluten free cakes msyelf, but it sounds delicious, and there are a LOT OF PEOPLE who NEED Gluten Free so it should be kept on the menu.

  79. We need all we can get and since , though rather expensive for today economy, we certainly appreciate your GF orange cake. Why must you take away a good thing?

  80. I think the suggestion of bringing more than just the G-F Valencia Orange Cake to Starbucks was brilliant! How about some nutless brownies? Or anything chocolate?!

  81. it will become more popular if you offer small samples. People are more likely to buy once they know how good it is

  82. Please do not stop making the gluten free cake. You just released it and never gave it a chance to sell. Just as I found out about it, you stopped making it. If you were to add more gluten free/ dairy free items to your menu then more people following the diet would patronize your establishments

  83. Come on Starbucks, us Celiacs finally get something good and you are going to discontinue it? Shame on you. Don’t do it.

  84. My 11 year old had her first cake a few weeks ago. She loved it!!! When travelling last week, she wanted to check out every starbucks that we passed. The cake was so moist and delicious. She makes me check it out and is so disappointed if the cake is not available. Please consider bringing it back to all of the Starbucks!!!!!

  85. My niece has this disease and it is very difficult for her or anyone else who has this problem to find a store who will accomodate them with a gluten free desert. Please keep this delicious snack available to her and many like her.

  86. As a fan and friend of Starbucks (my life partner is a Partner), I’d really like to see some sort of gluten-free food option. Many smaller chains and restaurants, even locally based, have several, and surely the creative minds at Starby’s could find something tasty, safe and nutritious– perhaps a fruited muffin. There are so many times when a family or group of friends NEEDS that option to make their day. Please do us the favor of recognizing and attending to that need. Thanks, Mari Kozlowski

  87. Please do not replace the Gluten Free cake you offer to customers. There are so many people that would try and buy if you advertised it more. As an aunt of a child who can not go near anything but gluten free products, I can testify how hard it is for these people to find anything remotely close to what you offer.
    Most people don’t even know you carry a gluten free item. Adverstise it, train your staff so they offer it………………and see what happens to your sales. Thanks!!

  88. The gluten-free Starbucks cakes are such a treat for my husband when he travels. In fact, he became a loyal Starbucks customer once these were launched! Please bring them back—it is so hard to find both a GF and DELICIOUS treat out on the go!

  89. I’ve had Celiac Disease over 35 years and finally felt “normal” to be able to sit down with my family and friends at Starbucks and have a snack just like everyone else. It is a shame that it was discontinued after such a short time. Please reconsider.

  90. What a wonderful treat… to walk inside one of my favorite shops and walk out with a delicious treat, just like everyone else… I am so disappointed that it’s gone. Please reconsider your decision and add GF treats to your menu. Thank you!

  91. Hendersonville , Tn starbucks could not keep the gluten-free cake in stock. It sold very quickly. Employees told me people bought it that were not celiac. It has been so popular and a gift for us that are celiac. Please bring it back or something just as good in it’s place. It will sell in the Nashville Tn area.


  92. thank you Starbucks for offering the fluten free cakes. My daughter has suffered with celiace disease for years. It is so good to know that she can enjoy these cakes. Please do not discontinue these cakes.
    Edward Pittenger

  93. Thank you Starbucks for offering the gluten free orange cakes. My daughter has suffered with celiace disease for years. It is so good to know that she can enjoy these cakes. Please do not discontinue them.
    Edward Pittenger

  94. Please do not discontinue the gluten free cakes from your menue. Our family was so grateful you were offering a menue choice that was gluten free. Our daughter has suffered with celiacs disease for many years. We were so glad to see there was a good tasting product she could enjoy eating.
    Thanks Starbucks,
    Barbara Pittenger

  95. My long time friend has Celiac’s disease as do many others in the world. Can’t you find a place in your heart to help keep their food concerns/issues a priority as well and continue providing Celiac sufferers with gluten free products? I know the thanks you would receive from all those out there who need gluten free products would be well worth it.

    Monica Bonynge

  96. More gluten free food will bring me back to a Star Bucks otherwise your just like McDonalds and all the other coffee houses. Be different, unique, and unusual thats what makes a company stand out or do you want to be another McDonalds, at lease they have french fires, Big and Tasty lettuce wrap, and gluten free salads, what do you offer us nothing?

  97. I really appreciated being able to eat something at Starbucks. It is hard to find something safe to eat when living with Celiac’s disease. I was hoping other companies would follow in your footsteps.

  98. My daughters were just diagnosed with celiac. We were so happy to see Starbucks offering a gluten free option. When I read that it was being discontinued I was disappointed. If Starbucks didn’t see the sales they wanted to see on the gluten-free orange cake possibly they could try a more general gluten free option (i.e., gluten free blueberry muffin). More and more people are eating gluten-free whether by requirement or choice, I would think Starbucks would want to have gluten free options too. Please keep a gluten free option – Thanks!!

  99. For all who need the gluten-free treat now and then, please place items that meet their needs on your menu! We promise to spead the word about your amazing cooperation and products! Thank you!

  100. While this cake was available my family went out of our way to visit Starbucks more often than ever before. I cannot understand why this was discontinued but I am led to assume that our patronage is not valued. It’s too bad. My opinion of the Starbucks company was so high when the cake came out and for them to abandon it in such a short amount of time is truly disappointing. I guess they would have the 2,000,000 americans with celiac disease (not to mention the countless others with gluten allergies and autism) take their business elsewhere. I know I will!

  101. Please bring back your gluten free cake. This is the reason that I patronize StarBucks. You are the only one that offers a gluten free product. This sets you apart from your competition.

  102. I didn’t know Starbucks had a GF pastry. I had been a loyal Starbucks customer forever! Then diverted to a major competitor with a piece of boring rice toast from home to go along with my coffee. When and if I hear Starbucks is once again offering the GF cake, I’d zoom back!

  103. Have you ever traveled and tried to find something quick to eat with a cup of coffee?? Since Starbucks is number one is coffee sales, and we continue to support that, please keep the GF cake on your shelves – you will soon see more avid followers.

    Bring on more GF products – please!!

  104. I can’t believe you would “pull the plug” on something so needed to so many people. Please bring it back!!

  105. I am sad to hear that they have discontinued carrying the gluten free cake. It is the only snack item I buy when I go to Starbucks.

  106. Would love to try it, have a gluten free daughter and she would love to be able to join her friends and have a coffee drink and SNACK. Thanks for doing it in the first place.

  107. I am SOOOO disappointed. Those of us who must maintain a gluten-free diet now have no options for any goodies while at Starbucks. Please bring these gluten-free cake or some other treat for us.

  108. Please and thank you for reinstateing the GF cake. I love starbucks as does my 16y/o son with Celiac Dz….It’s great to have some “normalcy” in eatting again..sincerely
    Leesa Warren

  109. As a traveling salesman, it is important for me to know where I can go to safely eat GF food, and the Valencia Orange Cake and Starbuck were at the top of the list…If you do not reinstate this GF desert are you telling me I should take Starbucks off my list…Afterall, coffee can be had anywhere, latte’s, etc., however Valencia Orange Cake, only Starbucks…Let me know if you wish to be included in my travels, or, tata toots…JB

  110. Sure wish you’d keep the gluten free foods. it was nice to be able to go to Starbucks and buy more than just coffee.

  111. Hey everyone! Betty Crocker has some cakes and a whole lot cheaper so don’t let the “Big Corporations” bring us to begging them to make it (th Orange cake tha is)! Let us unite and show them that we are serious and our familiy and friends support us with the fact that a company just might not be a ” safe ” choice. There are many others that are in the Gluten-Free business and let us support them. Rembember – the more we support a Gluten-Free company the more likely they will offer even more choices!

  112. Lucy I agree with you! I was SUPER thrilled to see betty Crocker come out with it’s GF mixes!
    Startbucks, PLEAse keep a GF item(s) on the menu. Those of us living with celiacs have it hard enough and to be able to wander into Starbucks and have a cup of coffee AND a treat just like everyone else makes our day. I have been severly sick for over 15 years and just found out 3 years ago when it was from. being now in my 30’s and having to eat NO flour is super hard. Taking another option away is horrible for all of us suffering with this condition. 1/100 people actually have this condition, GF products just need to be advertised more or something. I am quite sad to see them go. Please bring them back so those of us with Celiacs have a treat too.
    Thank you.

  113. Please keep the Gluten Free breads in your line. It is hard to fine great tasting cakes that are gluten free. I had been so excited because I found Slimfast that is gluten free and your cakes make such a nice snack. Plus, I have many friends that have the same problem. I am sure for every one person that writes you their are 100 out there who haven’t discovered this gem and it will only take some and advertising.

  114. Please, please include the gf orange cakes on your menu. As the mom of a recently diagnosed teen celiac, it’s important to be able to fit in socially. Having a safe option at your stores provides that opportunity, and the cake is really tasty, too. Please reconsider, and bring the gf option back, Chris Gauthier

  115. Dear Starbucks
    Please bring the Valencia Orange Cake back because it’s good and because every time we find something that we can eat it gets taken off the market that’s not fair. And besides why does everyone want to alienate us because of our allergy its not like it’s our fault that we can’t have what “normal people” can have. You guys don’t think about all the customers that have celiac disease like us you mainly think about the “normal people” who can have everything. I’m getting sick and tired of everyone taking things off the market that us celiacs can have. If you don’t bring back this cake that we can have you will lose me as a customer and I’m sure you will lose some other customers as well and then your money will go down because its true there is over 3 million people who have celiac disease all over the world. And besides by alienating us you are also treating us like outcasts and we are not outcasts and I don’t like being treated like an outcast because I get treated like that alot because of my allergy. What are we not as important as your “normal people” are because we can’t have what “normal people” can? If that’s the case you are pathetic. What would you do if you had kids, or you had the same allergy as us celiacs what would you do then?

    Sincerly Armanda Rudeau

  116. Now that Starbucks will not have any gluten-free treats for my son to enjoy while I get my coffee will discourage me from going there. I hope they change their minds.


  117. Please bring back the gluten free cake!!! It is as important to those of us who cannot have gluten, as sugar free products, fat free or low fat products are to those who benefit from those products

  118. Bringing back the Valencia Orange Cake which is Gluten Free to
    Starbucks would certainly, put a SMILE on my face and I am sure
    many more people would have a SMILE, too!
    Would be so nice to have a variety of Gluten Free snacks at
    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  119. This makes no sense at all. Gluten-free items are becoming more common in grocery stores and restaurants all over this country. So not only delicious, the Valencia Orange was a timely addition. It was very welcomed by those who have such limited choices at cafes and restaurants due to their gluten-free diets. Make the smart and obvious choice to keep this cake in Starbucks stores. Why would a forward-thinking company like Starbucks go backwards?

  120. I love these treats, my kids love them!! It was such a pleasure to be able to go to a fav coffee place and get a treat along with everyone else. Please please do not discontinue this wonderful item.

  121. I am a college student and all my friends and I love to hang out at Starbucks. I finally didn’t feel like an outsider because I could get something to eat with them. Please keep this item for us that have such a hard time going out with our friends.

  122. Please bring the GF cakes back. Why did you take them off anyhow?
    We are all so thrilled to be able to go to Starbucks with Friends and Family and be able to order something that’s Gluten Free.
    Look at all the folks that are signing the petition..

  123. These cakes were really delicious. I was so impressed when you first came out with them that Starbucks was coming on board with gluten-free. And now you’re going to discontinue them??? Not right!! Please be sensitive to those who really want/need to keep them around.

  124. My kids love these cakes. They will be so upset if they have to go back to getting nothing when we all go to Starbucks. Please keep them.

  125. I was thrilled when I learned about the GF cake at Starbucks. At last I had a snack to eat with my iced tea. Not only was this little orange cake free of gluten, it has no soy or milk either – I also can’t have these. It was perfect. Not only that, it tasted great.

    Living GF is all about being prepared, but there are times when you’re out shopping and are caught up short. That’s when dropping by Starbucks is a god-send. And there are times when you want to meet friends for coffee. Where better to go than Starbucks. It’s been tough to sit and watch while the friends gobble down pumpkin loaf or scones, and the Valencia Orange Cake promised a great solution. But I barely got to try one before they disappeared from the bakery case.

    I hope you will reconsider your decision and bring them back. Thank you.

  126. Please bring this GF cake back to Starbucks, because my younger
    Sister Amy has trouble living a normal life. She feels afraid to go in public sometimes because of the health problems she suffers with. By offering this cake at Starbuck gives her an other like her more freedems people deserve

  127. We have many coffee shops in our city. I had started choosing Starbucks because you offered a glueten-free choice among your snacks.

  128. I just heard about Starbuck’s Orange GF cake, but haven’t even had a chance to buy one for my daughter yet. I can’t believe it’s discontinued already. Please bring it back.

  129. Please,please bring back that snack for all the people who would visit Starbuck’s and can’t eat Gluten, like my son’s girlfriend

  130. Please bring back the gluten free cake. Our whole family eats gluten free because of Celiac Disease. Your cake was wonderful. It was nice to know my kids could feel somewhat normal to be able to buy a cake from a normal coffee shop.
    Michele Miller

  131. I just discovered your GF cake. Please don’t take it out of your store. It is a great place to take a friend and actually have a treat to eat!!

  132. I don’t care if it’s even the same cake.. I would just like a gluten free option. To be able to eat something when I get my coffee would be such a nice option.. because there are other coffee shops that DO offer the option.

  133. It’s nice to have a chain like Starbucks that supports those w. Gluten intolerances. I think it would be a huge loss for Starbucks’ customer support to discontinue having a GF option.

  134. Few if any of the big coffee places i.e. Dunkin Donuts, Honey Dew etc sell Gluten Free products. Differentiate yourself – let the gluten free patrons know how important they are to you. 1 in 133 people have Celiac Disease – don’t alienate them.

  135. It sure is nice that Starbucks did offer the gluten free Valencia orange cupcake. It gave me a reason to go there with my family. We would also order drinks. The funny thing is we have a Starbucks right around the block from my place. We never really went there before until I heard from the gluten free support group that they offered the Valencia gluten free cake. I do enjoy that cake very much. I really can’t believe that they are not going to offer a gluten free option now. What a bummer!! I guess my family and I will not be going there any more. We tend to only go to places that can accommodate me as well. It is not easy for folks that don’t have many options.

  136. Maybe you didn’t sell enough in a given day. If this is the problem, please freeze the gluten-free dessert and thaw it when a customer requests one. You don’t know how happy you made us, so that when we come to Starbucks with our friends, we can eat something, too! Please bring them back or something else that is gluten-free. Thank you.

  137. Please keep the Valencia Orange Cake – there are many of us that do not have a gluten problem that have recently been introduced to it – it is a winner!

  138. Keep your gluten free cake on your menu…my wife enjoyed your gluten free orange cake for the first time recently and would really miss it…many others are gluten intolerant and need another option.
    Dr. David Monroe
    a loyal Starbucks customer

  139. Definitely keep your gluten free cake on Starbucks menu…my wife has a gluten intolerance and she just enjoyed your orange cake for the first time recently. Please do not remove it from your menu.

    Dr. David Monroe
    A loyal Starbucks customer

  140. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac almost two years ago. As a wife and mother of two young children, it is a constant challenge to prepare or purchase food that she and her family can enjoy together. She has had your Valencia Orange Cake and was very disappointed to find out you were discontinuing this product. She and her family are loyal customers of Starbucks. Please consider offering this gluten free product again.

  141. Please leave your gluten free cake in your stores! My 13 year old son has such limited choices when he goes out with our family or friends and we always knew Starbucks had something for him. It was an easy stop for all of us as a family-instead of Dunkin Donuts which is more plentiful to find. We would go out of our way to go to Starbucks, not Dunkin Donuts, with the cake gone, we will bring something from home for my son and go to Dunkin Donuts for the rest of the family. Although you might think the gluten free market is small……people with gluten sensitivites have friends and family. We tend to travel together. Please bring it back!

  142. I never even had the chance to try it, but will it it’s made available again. It would be nice to a have a snack with my coffee.
    Please be sensitive to the needs of people with celiac disease!

  143. Knowing that there was a gluten-free option at Starbucks would make it much more likely that I would stop into one occasionally.

  144. Starbucks has always been a good corporate citizen. Offering gluten-free products is just another way of remaining sensitive to needs of others.

  145. I starting going back to Starbucks just because I knew I could enjoy a GF pastry with my coffee and family!!! Please don’t take them away! I felt SO limited before….I was extemely happy to discover there was actually something in there for me to enjoy too.

  146. Have not even tried the GF Orange Cake yet, I want to,
    Pls bring it back, Now my two grandchildren are eating GF also plus dairy free so I would take them also, Anytime a major company helps us we are greatfull.

  147. My husband and I regularly drink your coffee and were delighted that you added a gluten free cake. We only got to try it once because they didn’t carry it at several local stores until only recently. It was never on the menu or in the display case… we had to ask if they had it. Only once did they say “yes” and it was a great cake. Please give it (or another gluten free cake) a real chance… promote it, put it on the menu, advertise in gluten free magazines and Websites. Given a real chance, I’m sure that you’ll be thrilled to find out how loyal gluten free customers are!!

  148. I was traveling recently and was happy to know that while eating in airports and visiting places that I was not familiar with that I was able to not only drink beverages at Starbucks but also enjoy one of your GF muffins (often buying 2). I would love to see a small line of options for those of us who are GF. 1 out of 133 is nothing to laugh about.

    I was so happy to know that Starbuck was “cutting edge” and now I am sad to see that you may not be;(

  149. PLEASE listen to the customers and keep yummy gluten free items on the menu. It is so hard to find good products, but there are so many fans of this cake. I’ll order a case!! Just bring it back please.

  150. The Starbucks folks should consider what it is like for a Mom to go in for a cup of coffee and have her small children look longingly at all the treats they could not have. For this reason, I stopped going to Starbucks. The addition of GF products will make me return.

  151. What a wonderful snack. It was great to have a snack while my non-gluten intolerant friends munched on the other wonderful pastries. Such a shame to have had such a short life…Please bring it back or an alternative. Thank You!

  152. My nephew has Celiacs and it’s a struggle to find places that eveyone can enjoy when we go out. Please keep your GF items so our family can have yet another choice to enjoy and not limit us. Thank you.

  153. Why would you take away the only gluten free product?? It is hard to find places that carry these items, and there are so many people who are on gluten free diets. Please reconsider!!

  154. These muffins were a huge draw for me to patronize Starbucks. I would have bought more, but not all Starbucks carried the muffins.

  155. Please offer your gluten free cakes and help children and adults alike so that they may be able to have a delicious treat. Bring back your gluten free cakes Starbucks.

  156. Our entire family is gluten intolerent and it is extremely hard to take go out to eat. When learning that Starbucks offered a gluten free dessert, we were so excited. Please bring it back or something else to replace it. Finally, I was able to take my boys out for a special treat other than home.

  157. GF cake taken off probably because it doesn’t sell like “hotcakes”. But for those of us who have Celiac it’s a nice treat. Many of us do not frequent take outs because of the lack of GF products. Starbucks capitilize of a growing market.

  158. Please bring the cake back. My daughter and I both have celiac and we would like to continue to have this option.

  159. We need more gluten-free products at restaurants and eating places. Our choices are so limited. Please bring back the orange cake !

  160. Bring back the gluten free orange valencia muffin! It gave all celiac people a delicious item to eat with your coffee. Very few coffee shops offer gluten free items

  161. Please bring back the GF lemond cake.It was nice to go to starbucks and be able to order a pastry to go with my coffee just as my friends always do.
    Please bring back the pastry. Not only was it GF but it was so yummy.


  162. I don’t even drink coffee, but the Valencia Orange Cakes brought me into Starbucks. Once there, I also bought hot chocolate. Come on, think of the lives you’d be touching for people who are so desperate for a gluten free treat they’ll come and pay what you want for these things. (I used to buy a carton of four and take them home.) The demand for gluten-free items is only going to continue to get bigger and bigger as more people find out they have gluten-intolerance problems, and they’ll think kindly on your franchise.

  163. I do not go much to Starbucks due to its pricey coffee but started to go because it offered the Valencia Orange cake that its competitors do not offer any GF products. I hope it can come back.

  164. Please add more Gluten Free options to Starbucks. Not everyone wants to eat sugar laden cakes, maybe that is why it did not do well. Why isn’t there a GF lunch option? The perfect choice would have been the “protein plate” with the hard boiled egg, apple, and bagel??? why a bagel! add some cheese or GF crackers. Mary’s Gone Crackers are the perfect choice.

  165. I agree with all the above. Just think what a huge advance you have made with this little cake. One BIG suggestion, though: When it is there, or another wonderful (hopefully soft, as I can’t eat anything crispy) G-free food, please ANNOUNCE it up on the board or on the front door. Celiacs don’t usually look into the bakery window, because it’s they’re just looking at things they can’t have. I found the cakes just before they were discontinued. Then I bought whatever frozen ones they would sell me. I am so excited to find that there is a movement for your wonderful concoction.

  166. You can’t imagine what it is like to discover at age 59 that you can no longer eat Starbucks scones with your Starbucks Latte. Discovering your Orange GF cake was like Christmas everytime I had a Latte and the cake. Please bring it back.

  167. Please bring back the gluten free cake! Or offer a gluten free coffee cake or cinnamon roll. I miss eating things like that soooo much! My son, my father and me are all celiacs. That’s 3 people who’d be in Starbucks more often!

  168. Our nine year old has Celiac and always felt left out when we’d go to Starbucks. We were so excited when we saw the gluten-free orange cake. We all thought it was delicious. Sadly, iIt was gone the next time we went in. Please bring in back!

  169. As the parent of a young adult with Celicac’s, i hope you will continue with your gluten free pastry and add others as well. It is already a challenge for my daughter to enjoy pastries at all, and when her favorite coffee shop carried a pastry she could have that was so delicious, she was thrilled!! Please bring back your Valencia Orange Cake in time for the holidays!

  170. Please bring it back!! It’s rare to find treats like that anywhere. Then to have you take it away and give us nuts and berries? I want to be able to have a treat like everyone else. Bring it back!!

  171. Please bring the Gluten free Cake back to Starbucks!.. Love your coffee. It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy coffee AND a treat with my husband. Thank you for considering our request to not be left out!

  172. Please, please, please bring back the gluten free orange valencia cupcakes. It was nice to be on vacation and have a treat with everyone else. I had a hard time finding them in my area, so I had to go to Atlanta, and some of the stores there did’nt have them either. I had to drive around to find them, so I would buy all they had and put them in my freezer. Would love to have them again.

  173. Yes,… it is very hard to find something to eat when you are traveling.
    Starbucks was a sure thing for a treat, and the Orange Valencia Cupcakes.
    I am so disappointed. There are more gluten free customers out there than you think. I find most of my other foods at “Whole Foods” grocery store.
    I know that they are perfecting more and more G.F. foods, and I ask just about everywhere I go. I am anxious to receive the “Gluten-Free guide to Restaurants” that I just ordered here on Triumph Dining. I know that your Starbucks stores will be in there, so you have to bring them back.
    It was so nice to go into a Starbucks and have a latte and the Orange cupcakes. Another customer asking,..”PLEASE BRING THEM BACK.”
    Thank you, Starbucks. I know that you will reconsider. Look at how many more customers you will have……

  174. I just started on a gluten free diet and LOVE Starbucks so it would be really nice to have a special treat with my coffee. Please bring it back.

  175. I’m allergic to Gluten but love desserts! It’s very difficult to walk into a Starbucks and be tempted by all the Gluten FILLED desserts and fight the temptation not to eat them. It was nice to be able to have something sweet at starbucks without hurting my body doing it. Please remember that people who can’t eat wheat or gluten love dessert just like everybody else. Bring back the gluten-free valencia orange cake!

  176. I never did find your GF orange cakes at our Corvallis, Or Starbucks. I would definitely frequent Starbucks way more often if they had GF treats. Please bring them back to market.

  177. Not only did they dump te cake — they wouldn’t tell me where I could order it so I could buy my own stash.

    S’bucks, if you get a better gluten-free option, make it dairy-free too. And NOT a dang nutra-bar. A PASTRY, which is what we like to eat with our coffee.

  178. Dear Starbucks,
    Please bring back the Orange Valencia cake. Being able to order a pastry from your menu gives us Celiac sufferers a sense of normalcy not often experienced at a cafe or restaurant.

  179. Please bring back the GF Orange Valencia cake and look for additional GF options – as a daily Starbucks goer, I would greatly appreciate it!

  180. Please bring back the cake, and other GF options too! I can’t look at the bakery case when I go to Starbucks because it just reminds me of what I’m missing. It would be awesome to be able to have a treat now and then.

  181. Bring back the cake! I don’t go there as much now since I don’t have a pastry I can get…you are losing revenue by cutting this, especially if Dunkin’s starts making something GF!

  182. Our area Starbucks never even got the cake. Then after a few months, I was told they were discontinuing it because of poor sales! I certainly would have purchased it, and now go elsewhere for a GF treat. That means Starbucks loses sales from me, hubby and 3 kids. Between the loss of GF and no bold drip coffee after 2 pm, and no decaf after 11 am (unless you ask for it, and then put up with the frowning face of the barista….), I’ve become very unhappy with Starbucks.

  183. Please bring back the cake! People with food allergies should be able to eat too. It’s really awkward to sit at a table and watch everyone else eat…

  184. Please bring back the gluten free orange cake, and maybe consider adding some other gluten free foods? Gluten free chocolate brownies would be nice….I used to go to Starbucks all the time, but I found out I must avoid gluten and now it’s tough to go anywhere. Not only do restaurants and coffee houses lose MY business, but they also lose that of my FIVE family members who won’t go out without me!

  185. Please bring back the Gluten Free Orange Valencia cake as well as any other Gluten Free options you are able to provide.

  186. my husband goes to starbucks on a regular basis and I have stopped joining him after you took away the gluten free offerings. please reconsider so I can enjoy your establishment.

  187. The Orange Valencia cake was absolutely great. I have been diagnosed since 1988 and I must say until recently most of the GF stuff tasted like paper and styrafoam. I was ordering at least one cake item a day and used it as my breakfast item. Too bad it’s gone. Keeping in a cooler would enhance shelf life and a 20 sec micro-shot would take the chill off. Selecting good tasty items in the GF arena takes some special taste buds. I prepare GF menues for restaurants and it takes work!

  188. I loved the Orange cakes, they were the best ever and great with a cup of tea. PLEASE bring them back.
    Merelyn Stewart

  189. I was very interested in trying when I heard about this fantastic Gluten Free Orange Valencia cake and Gluten Free Lemond Cake. I went in search to many Starbucks only to be disappointed that Valencia cake and Gluten Free Lemond Cake were discontinued. I contacted the corporate office for Starbucks. It was stated to me as the following comment: They were not satisfied with the calories and texture/quality and shelf-life. Starbucks has a high standard for all there products. They mentioned that with the low sales on this product this is what caused the discontinuation of the product among other things. Starbucks Marketing group needs to get out there together and brain storm idea’s with the Celiac Community to have blogs and commercials getting the word out . I guarantee this would boost Starbucks sales since Gluten Free is the healthy lifestyle of eating. I’m hoping they decide to change their minds to keep the Celiac community customer happy while they are out with family and friends. If everyone is stating they want them to be back on the market and available at all locations nationwide. I would hope that Starbucks would take this into deep consideration. Starbucks might be giving other competitors the edge in the market place since they made this poor decision regarding the discontinued products. They got into the market with it at the right time now they need to figure out how they are going to get back in the race. Hopefully we will be getting wonderful news soon that they have decided to bring back what we are all craving for the Gluten Free Orange Valencia and Gluten Free Lemond Cake. There are so many pastry’s we would love to have that are Gluten-Free like Cinnamon Rolls, Cheese Danish, Pound cake and various cheesecake’s with gluten-free crust. We will just have to wait and see if they will reconsider there decision on the discontinued product. Here’s to the Celiac Community and those whom choose to eat healthy gluten-free lifestyle.

  190. Dessert is the thing I miss most about my new gluten-free lifestyle. PLEASE bring back the ability for us to enjoy a snack with our coffee!!!

  191. Please add my name to the petition to have Starbucks bring back a gluten free pastry offering at all of their locations nationwide. Thank you.

  192. Please bring back the orange cake that was gluten free. Also, I was wanting the new gluten free cookies and I tried to get them at the Starbucks in the Phoneix Intl Airport Terminal 3 last week (2-7-10) and our local Target and neither Starbucks carried the gluten free item. I would really like the see something GF in the airport, as we travel frequently, and it would be nice for me and my daughter to be able to purchase a gluten free snack at the airport.
    Thank You,

  193. What a treat it would be to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and a pastry at a Starbucks, like “normal” people do all the time, without a thought. For those of us who rarely enjoy such a treat due to celiac disease, please bring back the gluten-free orange cake (or anything else).
    Most of you have no idea what it’s like finding something gluten-free to eat, outside of your own home. I’m happy if I have more than 3 menu choices at a restaurant. And that’s only a restaurant that has been carefully researched and offers a gluten-free menu.

  194. Thanks you for all of your new gluten free items. Please bring back the gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake or other similar fresh baked goods.

  195. Please bring back the Valencia orange gluten-free cakes. It is so awesome to sit and have a coffee and pastry or something sweet like normal people. If you have to eat gluten free its hard to find treats as good as this one.

  196. My 10 year old daughter gets sooo excited when a store/restaurant has something that is really good that she is able to eat! It’s so important to make people with Celiac feel like a part of the community, not an outcast or a burden and if providing them with a simple, delicious orange gluten free cake…why take that away from them??

  197. My husband and I were regular customers of Starbucks. When I had to go on a gluten free diet, our visits decreased. Then you came out with a gluten free snack, and our visits increased again as I didn’t have to watch my husband enjoy a snack I could not eat.
    Then you discontinued the gluten free snack, and our visits decreased again.
    Please bring back gluten free snacks.

  198. Please bring back the Valcencia Orange Gluten Free Cake. It’s impossible to find a tasty edible treat to go with my coffee. I enjoyed having the luxury of this, and now it’s gone. Such a bad decision by Starbuck’s considering the growing need for gluten free. I hope they change their terrible marketing decision for our benefit.

  199. I had just found out about your gluten-free orange cake shortly before you discontinued them. When ordering my coffee I was asked if there was anything else I would like. My answer was no as I had a gluten intolerance. At that time I was informed you had the orange cake. What a delight to be able to have a snack with my coffee. If the reason for discontinueing them was due lack of sales, then I believe there should be some kind of a sign posted that you have gluten free items. I never would have known if I hadn’t mentioned my problem to your employee. Please bring the orange cake back.

  200. I miss the orange valencia dessert. Bring it back. I read that you are carrying cookies made by Lucy but my starbucks never has any. I cut back on my coffee since i can’t have dessert.

  201. Attention ALL Starbuck’s Management people….PLEASE bring back the Valencia gluten-free cake…WE your loyal customers miss that yummy taste in our mouth.

  202. Please bring back the gluten free Valencia Orange Cake! When it came out my husband and I became regular customers of Starbucks because i could actually get a DELICIOUS dessert with my coffee. Since you discontinued the Valencia cake we have not been back at all… why should we?? I would only be reminded that I can’t eat anything delicious there anymore. I may as well go to any coffee shop or just make it at home.

  203. It was such a bummer when this cake disappeared! It was the only thing I could eat from there.. so I was really disappointed and pretty much boycotted Starbucks because of it! Please bring it back!

  204. I was so excited when I realized Starbucks was offering a gluten free treat. I was equally “bummed” when they said it was being withdrawn from our local Starbucks. I sincerely hope they bring it back. It was really tasty!

  205. I NEVER bought coffee from Starbucks until the Valencia Orange Cake was introduced in your stores. They were delicious and I became a regular customer. Now that they have been discontinued, I don’t even enter the store. As a word of advice, you need to ADVERTISE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE A GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT. Just a large sign in the store window would suffice. As most Celiacs, I go out of my way to support places that carry gluten-free items.

  206. I agree with what Terri said – if you properly advertise that you have gluten-free items, celiacs will go out of their way to come to Starbucks. It’s not very often that we get to have a scrumptious baked treat…and were Starbucks to re-introduce the Valencia cake or come up with a similar, slightly healthier alternative, and then actually give it like 6 months + to catch on…well, I’m convinced that you’d have a whole new demographic of loyal customers on your hands.

  207. Starbucks, thank you so much for listening to our voice. Many travel for miles for their favorite gluten free treat. To have that treat in our neighborhood allows my little boy and I quality time to share together. My Celiac disease has made a large impact on my family. So, please bring back your gluten free treat. Thank you!!

  208. PLEASE bring back the Valencia Orange gluten-free cake!! it’s so very difficult to find gluten-free items to enjoy, and when I heard Starbucks had this cake – -and then discontinued it, I was not just disappointed; I was angry. What does it take for you to realize that there is a huge proportion of our population that cannot eat items containing gluten? I had cheered for Starbucks when I heard about this cake. Now, I’ve stopped patronizing you. Please rethink your stand on this — and when you do bring it back (which I am certain you will, for it’s a very wise business move on your part, advertise that it’s there so we are aware of its availability!

  209. I lve starbucks but my partner is gluten intolerant so when we go to starbucks there is noting for him to eat, I feel bad, sowe ften goele where. I prefer starbucks so pleaseeeeee bring back the cake

  210. Yes, bring back the cake and any other items in gluten-free, particularly breakfast foods! I will start frequenting our drive-thru Starbuck’s in Conifer, CO again if there is something safe for Celiacs to tempt me! Thank you!

  211. Yes, It’s open. Ahh, here is community. And,coffee, comaraderie, and…er, “no more Cake!?”… There, the door closed. Again, it is that easy to be exclusive. Please consider shining an inclusive light on an extremely simply-solved recognition that THERE ARE HUNDREDS IN EVERY STORE’S REACH WHO AVOID YOUR DOORS! Consider, consult, collaborate, convince, care, cash out.

  212. Please, Starbucks, bring back the gluten free orange cake and any other gtuten free cookies or cakes that you made. We gluten free people have so few choices and I think it would bring more of us into Starbucks if we knew that you carried any gluten free pastries.

  213. Please bring back the gluten free orange cake. Also it would be nice if you could make more gluten free goodies and then ADVERTISE the fact that you have them!!!!!!.

  214. I was so excited to hear about this cake that I went right into my local Starbucks just to find out they longer carried it! WTH…I never got to try it..bring back that treat!!

  215. I don’t necessarily enjoy the orange cake, but I DO wish Starbucks would bring some sort of yummy pastry to their options. and preferably vegan gluten-free pastry. Of course they have the pull your teeth out-granola bar, the so-crunchy-you-think-they’re-stale cookies, and the chips that are gluten free, but most of the time when I get my coffee I don’t exactly crave nuts or chips to dunk in my coffee. A nice vegan gluten-free muffin or scone would be lovely. Or at best, a yummy cookie or something. come on Starbucks! as much as I spend ALONE on you, you could afford to show us Celiac and Casein intolerants some love.

  216. Please bring back gluten-free desserts. It is hard to act like everyone else if you can’t order GF desserts that are tasty. I use to go to Starbucks all the time until I was diagnosed with celiac. I was there so often that they even knew what drink I was getting before I ordered it-
    Now I am afraid to eat out.

  217. Having a gluten free option at Starbucks sounded wonderful, but sadly, it was discontinued before I ever had a chance to enjoy it:(

  218. I shop at Fry’s and they have a Starbucks. I enjoy having a cup of coffe and cookie or cake. Now that you discontinued the Gluten Free cake I no longer stop for coffee.
    Please bring it back.

  219. What? Starbucks “had” a gluten-free item and I missed it? Bummers! It must not have been there very long. I concur with all of these petitions about having something “gluten-free” but also understand the “cross-contamination” issues for Celiacs. Starbucks has always been so very creative in their products that it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something to treat their “GROWING” GF customers beside KIND bars with their morning, noon & nightly coffees…. right Starbucks?

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