Jennifer Esposito Starts a Nonprofit for Celiac Education

By Emily

It seems like every few weeks we’re writing with news of another celebrity or professional athlete who has gone gluten-free. The comments are mixed — some of you are glad for increased attention to the cause, others are concerned for the wrong attention being paid to the cause. But I think today’s gluten-free celebrity will garner generally positive feedback.

You may know Jennifer Esposito from television series like Blue Bloods, Samantha Who?, Rescue Me, and Judging Amy, or her roles in the movies Crash, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, etc etc. But did you know that not only does Jennifer Esposito have celiac disease — she’s started a nonprofit to help with celiac education? Hooray!

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The Hollywood Version of “Gluten-Free”

By Bridget

Add Fran Drescher to the list of celebs touting a gluten-free diet like the latest fashion trend. The actress, perhaps best known for her role as The Nanny has recently revealed that a gluten-free and vegan diet has helped her “knock off” the fifteen pounds that have been plaguing her for years, helping alleviate constant fatigue and a generally dragging feeling.

The actress was partially inspired to try the gluten-free diet as an alternative to following a regime of medications that would, supposedly, alleviate her symptoms. Fortunately for her, Drescher feels much more energetic than before, and credits her new diet with her revitalization.

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