A Cure For Celiac Disease By 2026?

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Is a cure for celiac disease on the horizon? The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center believes so and their goal is to find it by 2026.

For this goal to be met would mean everything to 1 in 100 Americans suffering from celiac disease but making it happen will be challenging.

“this goal requires coordinated effort, intensive research, and adequate funding.”

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Justin’s Nut Butter

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Justin’s is a fantastic company. They make a whole bunch of delicious nut butters and all of them are gluten and dairy free. What’s even better, for those of us who are concerned about cross contamination, all of their nut butters are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

As well as classic peanut and almond butters, Justin’s also does some interesting and delightfully delicious flavors such as Maple Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut, Honey Peanut, Chocolate Almond and Honey Almond. As with all amazing nut butters, these are great devoured straight from the jar, spread on your favorite gluten free bread or cracker or mixed in to give your hot cereal a nutty protein kick!

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The Heart of a Celiac: Does Going Gluten-free Reduce Your Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Disease?

By Bridget

Recently one of celiac.com’s headlines read, “Does a Gluten-free Diet Protect Celiacs Against Heart Disease? Or Does it Hurt?” Obviously this question is interesting to many particularly because, as of 2010, heart disease is one of the top five leading causes of death, according to CDC statistics.

There are several studies that support both sides of the hypothesis that a gluten-free diet could either increase or reduce risk of cardiovascular problems, which leads me to my own hypothesis – it’s all about what you eat!

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Erewhon’s New Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal

By Leslie

Were you one of the first to try Erewhon’s new Buckwheat & Hemp cereal? If so, then you must have been to a Whole Foods Market.

The cereal’s been available since September exclusively at Whole Foods. It brings together two nutrient-dense ingredients to make one supergrain cereal. Buckwheat, although you wouldn’t guess from its name, is naturally gluten-free. It’s not actually a grain but a pseudo-cereal from the same family as sorrel and rhubarb. While hemp seeds come from the cannabis plant, they do not impart any intoxicating properties. They are rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, and are also naturally high in protein and fiber.

Here’s how it’s made:

  • First, the whole organic buckwheat groats, organic brown rice kernels and organic hemp seeds are cooked until soft.
  • Next, they are gently rolled into thin, hearty flakes.
  • Finally, they are toasted and lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup and organic brown rice syrup. This makes the cereal mildly sweet and helps it stay crunchy in milk.

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Keeping Play Dough Gluten-Free

By Bridget


Play dough can often seem like a staple to childhood. From trying to dye it different colors to form masterpiece after masterpiece, children are simple enamored with the pliable dough. Unfortunately, kids with Celiac disease can have some trouble using the common toy. As was discussed a couple of weeks ago, many of those with Celiac Disease suffer from topical reactions in their cosmetics, and children could be at risk for breakouts and rashes on their arms if they have severe allergies. Moreover, young children are so prone to putting things in their mouth, that they could accidentally ingest some of the play dough (leading to some serious unintended tummy troubles).

To keep your house (or even school!) safe, try making your own play dough! Your kids will love watching it form, make their own colors, and can play with the dough risk-free! Try out this gluten-free play dough recipe at home!

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