Mrs Leeper’s Pasta | Triumph Dining Product Review

Mrs Leepers Gluten Free PastaThis week Triumph Dining came across another great company offering wheat and gluten free pasta. Mrs Leeper’s pasta is made from rice and corn and comes in lots of different shapes and flavors.

Gluten Free corn pasta shapes include spaghetti, elbows, vegetable radiator and rotelli. If you’re more partial to rice pasta, you can choose from spaghetti, vegetable twists, penne and elbows. For gluten-free pasta loving kids, they also make alphabets and kids shapes.

As well as traditional pasta, Mrs Leeper’s also offer boxed dinner kits. You can get a Lasagna or Creamy Tuna box dinner made with corn pasta or Mac n Cheese, Beef Stroganoff, Cheeseburger or Alfredo made with rice pasta.

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The Heart of a Celiac: Does Going Gluten-free Reduce Your Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Disease?

By Bridget

Recently one of’s headlines read, “Does a Gluten-free Diet Protect Celiacs Against Heart Disease? Or Does it Hurt?” Obviously this question is interesting to many particularly because, as of 2010, heart disease is one of the top five leading causes of death, according to CDC statistics.

There are several studies that support both sides of the hypothesis that a gluten-free diet could either increase or reduce risk of cardiovascular problems, which leads me to my own hypothesis – it’s all about what you eat!

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Gobble Up a Gluten-Free Turkey

By Bridget

With Turkey Day in just over a week, many are ordering turkey’s in advance to make sure our day of thanks goes on without a hitch. Apart from the integrity of the holiday itself, it’s a plus that it centers around a lot of foods that are naturally gluten-free (like the turkey, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, and homemade cranberry sauce!) Unfortunately, however, you may want to double check the turkey you’re ordering for this upcoming day of feasting.

Although turkey is a naturally gluten-free food, many birds that are prepared for holiday purchase are not. Turkeys that are “basted” or “self-basted” have been preserved and prepared with butter, broth, stock, flavor enhancers, and other seasoning to help improve taste and better preserve the meat. While there are many natural preservatives used (such as rosemary extract), many commercially used preservatives may contain gluten, which we all know will lead to an uncomfortable Thanksgiving.

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Exploring World Cuisines for Gluten-Free Fare

By Bridget

It’s always interested to learn about what cultural dishes are naturally gluten-free. From Asian to Mexican-inspired fare, the rice-based foods of foreign cuisine are often (generally) safe for gluten-free consumption. Most recently, I have begun to explore the world of Indian food, and have come upon, in my opinion, a huge discovery!

One popular dish of Southwest Indian cuisine is called palappam. The bread-like product uses a combination of rice flour, coconut milk, and eggs to yield a product that literally translates into “milk bread;” and all the ingredients are gluten-free!

The bread is delicious when combined with other traditional Indian dishes, such as chicken curry. Furthermore, the reliance on herbs and spices to providing flavor to Indian foods contributes to the lessened risk of cross contaminators or gluten-containing fillings and preservatives.

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Artisana – Gluten-Free Nuts Butters

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Peanut butter is great… really great. But you’d be nuts not to try other nut butters too, and there are a whole lot of different varieties of delicious nut butter out there to try.

Artisana Foods offer an extensive selection of tasty nut butters for nut lovers looking for something a bit different. They make almond, hazelnut, walnut, cashew, pecan and macadamia but butters as well as a coconut butter and coconut oil.

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