6,500 gluten-free restaurants to choose from.

If you had unlimited time and patience, you wouldn't need this guide. There isn't any part of it that you couldn't duplicate with your own research. But it would probably take you over 2,000 hours, because that's how long it took us.

Each year, we review every listing and add hundreds of new restaurants — 1,500 for this edition. And we include lists of gluten free options from over 120 popular chain restaurants, so you can find good options where ever you are. We're the only ones who spend months talking to thousands of restaurants, but it's worth it. We work hard to stay on top of the quickly-changing restaurant world so you don't have to.

If they're not in the book... Pick a card.

At some point, life will take you to one of the thousands of restaurants out there that aren't used to catering to people like us. It's like we're speaking another language already, which makes ethnic cuisine all the more challenging.

No worries. With our Triumph Dining Cards, all you have to do is:

  • 1) reach into your wallet or purse for the card in the right language
  • 2) present it to your server
  • 3) ask that it be shared with the chef

Break the language barrier

Each card has a section on foods that are gluten-free, one for foods we can’t eat, and a warning on the importance of avoiding cross-contamination in the kitchen. These sections are customized for each cuisine; the Mexican card discusses tortillas, the Japanese one covers sushi ingredients, and so on. We provide all the relevant context and information a chef needs – but nothing more – to keep them focused on the most important task of all: serving you a safe and delicious meal.

…or just stay at home and cook for yourself

The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Make grocery shopping a breeze.

The Essential Gluten-free Grocery Guide will help you to find gluten free foods in supermarkets across the U.S.